Grand re-opening!!!

yes you heird it here! Pokemongamersblog is OPEN! *crowd cheers* yes! SL here and welcome to it! although.. one of the areas arent-quite-open. -_-‘ but never the less. this blog will be a smashing success! share your comments about once again. how the blog could be better, ideas, pages, etc. just to let you know. now one of our members is working on these pages. Pokemon Diamond and our members name is Mario64Mario Mario for short. n_n so just tell me all of your names so i will be easier to know all of you. well.. there you have it.

9 Responses to “Grand re-opening!!!”

  1. dragoncrash Says:

    this is so sweet i can’t wait till the blog is fully open

  2. Shadow Luigi Says:

    glad you could make it. 🙂

  3. MatthewThief Says:

    hi, call me ‘MT’ :}

  4. glad to see you got your site back up.

  5. Shadow Luigi Says:

    yep.. and i’ll be ready to be makeing a new article soon. 🙂 but i need some time. to get the words right. 😛

  6. Shadow Luigi Says:

    tons of stuff up.

  7. Glad to see it’s back!

  8. so… why don’t we stop talking about the blog and start talking about what it was meant for, POKEMON OBSESSED PEOPLE????? ha ha ha. I LOVE Diamond. I have over 200 pokemon that I bred. All girls (because girls are sometimes really hard to get and I like challanges). I even got 7 girl eevees all with different natures. THAT took a while.

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