Pokemon Diamond Review

hello! as many of you may have known. the pokemon Diamond area is incomplete.. but not to worry. it will be good as knew as soon as our admin fixes it. 🙂 for now i will make an article about Diamond. take a seat. *ahem* pokemon Diamond.. once you had completed the pokedex to its max. you get the National Pokedex! but how would you fill that up huh? 😉 somebody whos over leveled thats what. but the other thing about it is you can transfer pokemon from the older games. 🙂 but. theres something i tryed and ended up in failure. 😦 it say’s you have to wait 24 hours before you can do it again. but.. i moved the time on the DS to 24 hours in the future and… it said. “the DS time is invalid, return the time to its real?” and i clicked yes… and you have to wait one more 24 hours. 😛 so it surves me right. 🙂 never do that. and i give the game a 8 out of 10. REVIEW!  Plot.. hmmm good. NPC’s..  Knowledgeable. 😉 Bad guys.. not so much. Music.. nice. and thats about all i can think of. 🙂 this blog will inprove do be better. 🙂 need some links and stuff. 🙂

10 Responses to “Pokemon Diamond Review”

  1. MatthewThief Says:

    interesting.. i warned you about the clock though ;}

  2. Shadow Luigi Says:

    maybe.. thats why i said that in the article. 😆

  3. dragoncrash Says:

    good now i no not to do that

  4. Shadow Luigi Says:

    yeah.. hey DC… why didn’t you sign in?

  5. good article.

    I usually dont mess around with the time on the DS to effect a game.

  6. Shadow Luigi Says:

    thanks.. and once again.. its my loss. -_-‘ and i think it happens everytime i try. 😦 oh well such as life.

  7. Its probablly fixed by now

  8. Shadow Luigi Says:

    well i don’t think so it gets buged up everytime. 😦

  9. dragoncrash Says:

    sorry i forgot…………….and i haven’t been keeping up this the blogs that much

  10. Huh? are you saying its big?

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