Poll 1#

okay my first poll… hmm… what do think about…. i’m in a diamond mood so…. okay! the starter pokemon! kk. here goes.

okay! vote people while i think of a new article.                  

22 Responses to “Poll 1#”

  1. Shadow Luigi Says:

    ehmmm….. i vote Turtwig because i think hes the cutest. 🙂

  2. MatthewThief Says:

    whichever ones the penguin, i guess

  3. Shadow Luigi Says:

    didn’t you play it once? 😉 so you should know that its the one who starts with a P. 🙂

  4. MatthewThief Says:

    i only played it for a day.. and gave all my pokemon new names

  5. I’ll vote turtwig 🙂 .

  6. Shadow Luigi Says:

    yeah we have posters! 😀 yeah Turtwig is thee best. 😛

  7. He reminded me of a general from FE 🙂 .

  8. Shadow Luigi Says:

    yeah he sure does get lots of DEF. 😛

  9. coarse hes still slow….which can be a problem -_-

  10. Shadow Luigi Says:

    yeah.. but you stoped playin right?

  11. yeah, it started to get on my nerves

  12. Shadow Luigi Says:

    why? its a good game but..

  13. because I realized I still needed some 5 badges and It had taken so long 😀 !

  14. Shadow Luigi Says:

    well you might play it again some day. n_n’

  15. Shadow Luigi Says:

    it has better plot then any other pokemon game. but i still think Emerald gets a 10 out of 10. 😛

  16. I also dont have the kinda time it takes to play a pokemon game.

  17. Shadow Luigi Says:

    i mean when your out of games to play then just pick up a hand-held. works everytime. 😛

  18. dragoncrash Says:

    i vote turtwig cause he can learn wicked moves (like wood hammer and leaf storm) plus he’s not to bad when i comes to leveling up (at least with mine anyway)

  19. Shadow Luigi Says:

    i gave up on all the beginers.. they turn into such ugly things.

  20. dragoon14 Says:

    Chimchar. love the fire types but I have all three beginners. Only because my bro plays the other game and will restart it every once in a while. 🙂

  21. Thats nice. my Brother did play but he gave up on pearl. 😥

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