in pokemon your pokemon can learn tons of moves depending on their levels.. for example.. Turtwig, Level 12, “do you want him to learn Razor leaf?” like that. 🙂 its fun and it makes you get your pokemon over leveled like mine. 😀 plus lets talk about TM’s “tactical machines” and HM’s “hidden machines”. tactical machines are any other move that you can teach to your pokemon.. like hmm.. This TM contain’s Fire Breath.. do you want to give it to Salamence? like that. and HM’s are moves to help you in the over world. like “Rock smash” or “Cut” ya know that kinda stuff. 😀 so good article huh? plus new people who want to know about pokemon already learned this.


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  1. good article.

    I always have a hard time leveling up just to level up.

  2. Shadow Luigi Says:

    me two it depends, they some times expect you to be a curtain level. -_-‘

  3. mario64mario Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm…..this gives me an article idea……..am I allowed to write about previous games as well? (Red for GB, or Silver for GBC)

  4. Shadow Luigi Says:

    errr… i won’t know what it is but–WAIT you have them?!? i only played leaf green and up. but it bored me to death.

  5. Shadow Luigi Says:

    and yes i guess you can. also this is on topic. does anybody know the gym leaders of EM? if so then BLAH! i wanna make an article about all the gym leaders soon. 🙂

  6. no, i dont know whi they are 😕 so maybe the article will help :}

  7. Shadow Luigi Says:

    okay its gonna be tomorrow!

  8. mario64mario Says:

    @ SL – pkmn games I have –> Red (original GB)
    –> Silver (original GB)
    –> Red (GBA)
    –> Diamond (DS)
    I think thats all of them. And I’m borrowing Mystery Dungeon Red from DC.

  9. mario64mario Says:

    Finished!!! ^.^ Everyone, enjoy!

  10. Shadow Luigi Says:

    whats finished… 😕

  11. dragoncrash Says:

    i played sliver (and destroyed it), i thought it was so much fun…………..but it takes a while for it to kick in

    ps. has anyone played mystery dungeon (other than mario because i know he has)

  12. Shadow Luigi Says:

    nope. that game doesn’t even feel like a pokemon game so i didn’t buy it.

  13. You never know unless you try it.

  14. Shadow Luigi Says:

    <_< er… well.. it looks dumb you only play with pokemon.. but it does look kinda interesting.

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