Rockin’ Whiz Roxanne

okay! this is the first gym leader of pokemon Emerald! as it say’s in the title thats her name!

well you see. ever sence she was a child she was always into rock type Pokemon. and she was very skilled with battles even as a 10 year old the first day of her jouney.. thats what she say’s when you beat her. but do you think thats all?? nope. when you fight her shes A MONSTER! i mean at the time. if you don’t pick Mudkip then your odds are slim. thats why I picked a fire type. 🙂 to make it harder. and also. there is many extra things in Emerald that i can’t wait to write about. so tip of advice; first go around. pick Mudkip. trust me. 😉


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  1. interesting article :}

  2. mario64mario Says:

    SL, where did you et the snow effect? I like it!

  3. mario64mario Says:

    Oh, okay. I found it. Nice article, btw. I’ll write one on Red (GB) soon.

  4. dragoncrash Says:

    true but don’t forget that grass type pokemon are super effective againts roc types (so treeko would also be good) but i still pick mudkip either way

  5. she sounds hard. I know how much of a differance having an advantage can make though.

  6. Shadow Luigi Says:

    yeah. first off, thanks. and yes she is hard but if you have the right pokemon then yeah. 🙂 and mario shouldn’t you ask me first? 😉

  7. mario64mario Says:

    oops. Can I? Pretty PLEASE????

    @DC & SOS : if you’re a freak like me (you probably aren’t), you’d already have a lv. 30 pkmn before the first gym. Yes, I have no life.

  8. Shadow Luigi Says:

    yeah you can HA you alreadly did. -_-
    its okay really. n_n LV, 30???

  9. Roxanne isn’t THAT hard to beat – If you choose Torchic and evolve it before you face her, you can beat her Pokemon with Combusken’s Double Kick with no trouble at all.

  10. Well, I usually always overlevel my Pokémon on an occasion, but in the beginning of the game Wild Pokémon give you the smallest of experience points. And I do have a life; not saying that anyone who tries that doesn’t; just my personal view.

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