Pokemon Red: The Many Glitches Part 1

The original Pokemon Red and Blue games were infamous not only for their advances in video game technology, but also for the glitches these technologies had.Red and Blue don’t look like much these days. In fact, they look like something that could be programmed on Turing*. Yet, they captured our attention for days on end. And still do.

Glitches are some of my favourite things to find, and while they become harder to find and less in quantity in recent games, they are still there. Pokemon Red has caught my attention glitch-wise, because it has so many.

 One of these glitches is a Pokemon called ‘Missing No.’. Missing No. was rumored to be the 151st Pokemon, but that rumor was destroyed when Mew came out.

It was then rumored to be a glitch where more than one pokemon was summoned for battle, creating a mess of pixels. It is risky, because many game paks can react deadly to the glitch. I have one of the better game paks, because I have caught this Pokemon about 8 times without much distortion to the rest of the game. If Missing no. is evolved, then it becomes a Kangaskhan. It also knows the moves given to Missing No., which included Fly.

Heh. A flying Kangaskhan. Who would’ve thought? 

~Mario Mario

*Note : Turing is a program I use to learn how to make programs at school. It is similar to Java and CSS script, but very VERY basic.


7 Responses to “Pokemon Red: The Many Glitches Part 1”

  1. Shadow Luigi Says:

    good article. yeah that sounds interesting. but ahh mario? i wanna make a Gym leader article soon so hold off ’till then?

  2. mario64mario Says:

    mmmkay. No problem. oops. I forgot to end my asterix. Re-read the end if you will.

  3. Shadow Luigi Says:

    oh okay i did. 😀 thanks by the way.

  4. dragoncrash Says:

    good thing you told me (and others) what turing meant cause i didn’t know what that means

  5. lynmaster1015 Says:

    I love MissingNo. hunting; I do it ALL the time. As a result, my Blue can’t save over one of my gamesaves. It’s more than slightly irritating.

  6. I do not understand… but whatever.

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