The big hit Brawly

yes lets here it for Brawly! hes a very very tough Gym leader. i hardly got past him my self. n_n’ but on to the article. 🙂anyways. ever sence he was young, he was inspired to like Fighting type pokemon. just why nobody knows. it was a mystery to his clan. he was from a gentle peaceful village. but he had this sudden erge to play rough and hard while the others just watched… he grew up one day and became a gym leader.

once a normal trainer.. but he rose up and became all that he dreamed of. his clan was still in shock the day he left.. he never visited that village again. he sometimes remembers it though. when you fight him in the game he always talks or mentions about his home village. so there you have it. 😀

5 Responses to “The big hit Brawly”

  1. good article.

    what are the pokemon he has?

  2. Shadow Luigi Says:

    ahh all fighting type pokemon. like Machomp and Mukuaia and a medatiet. well thats the best i can spell them anyway.

  3. Shadow Luigi Says:

    *whew* beat ’em…. hardly.. just barely… i re-started so…. hes always hard. *huff*

  4. dragoncrash Says:

    well he’s only hard if you don’t train your pokemon that well………….i mean when i play that game, i alaways have my starter pokemon to at least level 20 and the others are a level 15 (sometimes lower……..sometimes higher………………but most of the time higher…………….and im not jokeing………………and it takes a long time)

  5. Advent Master Says:

    Yeah i do that to.. but every gym leader is always hard. they are just never easy.

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