Weekend poll

yes its the weekend and sense no ones posting.. i might as well make a poll. 

what game do you like the most;

pokemon Diamond
pokemon Pearl
pokemon Emerald
pokemon Ruby
pokemon Saphire

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11 Responses to “Weekend poll”

  1. Shadow Luigi Says:

    Emerald ‘Cause my blogs only based around it. 😉

  2. pokemon Saphire cause it sounds cool ^_^ and i like sapphires

  3. Shadow Luigi Says:

    well thats two votes.. wheres SoS’s and mario our admins?

  4. um…diamond I think.

  5. Shadow Luigi Says:

    so now we are tied…. 😐 hmm..

  6. mario64mario Says:

    Ruby. Awesome transition from the GBC games.

  7. Shadow Luigi Says:

    yeah i like that two but Ever sense i got emerald i liked that better. 😉

  8. dragoncrash Says:

    i have to say pearl………..its super cool

  9. Shadow Luigi Says:

    ha-ha! we have a winner! its Diamond.. -_-”’ heh heh…

  10. dragoon14 Says:

    I have all four but I gave saphire to my brother and he is currently borrowing my diamond but ….. I vote Ruby. In that one I can get pokemon from the previous games. 🙂

  11. Shadow Luigi Says:

    ah yes.. but in emerald you can get them from both the pokemon games.. by the way hi. 😀

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