the Static Shock Wattson

hello this is gym leader article Number Three! lets get started… as you may know, he uses electric type Pokemon.. and they are very fierce indeed.for his techniques are very Remarkable. now, on to the story.. *ahem*


ever sense youth, he was into Electronics.. and he helped his father day and night with his tools and other wires… His mom began to wonder about it a little.. and every passing day, his mother kept thinking and thinking.. she didn’t know why he was so into electronic things.. and one day when he became 10, he left to go help city workers.. and they all thought, why is this one boy so intelligent they wondered.. then when he became age of 29, he worked in a Gym that had many Electrical traps and stuff to make it harder for other trainers. and he was always jolly and happy though out his days..

                            91.gif Shadow Luigi


10 Responses to “the Static Shock Wattson”

  1. interesting story :}

  2. Shadow Luigi Says:

    did you think it was good? i do. 😆 anyways.. do you think my articles are long enough?

  3. good article. and yes they are long enough, but if you want them to get bigger try to talk about some of the things the gym leaders say to you 🙂 .

  4. mario64mario Says:

    If you keep with Mudkip, you’ll still be beating every gym easy! 😉

  5. Shadow Luigi Says:

    i did once.. but treecos good too ya know. 🙂 and yse Saint.. that would be a good idea. 🙂 and also. did anybody see my Mini banners i have on the sides of my blog?

  6. mario64mario Says:

    Nice………how did you add them?

  7. Shadow Luigi Says:

    its not so hard… all you do is pretend your going to write an article.. and scroll down and press browse.. then just click the picture you want and do the little stuff like it says…like to:
    full size
    thum nail

    once you get done with that tedeish stuff then just press upload and send to editor.. and press save and continue editing.. now see on top where it says Visual and code? now click code and you will see theres a bunch of HTML.. you copy that and paste it into one of your widgets.. and then you enter your real words in the widget.. then press save and there you have it.. hope that helps.. ^.^

  8. do they ever say how he got so smart?

  9. dragoncrash Says:

    for the starters………………..torchick’s evolved form who be the best because its fighting and fire (which are both super affective to the leaders pokemon(because they are also part steal))……………..but when i start off with mudkip…………..i try to evolve him so he will also be part ground

  10. Shadow Luigi Says:

    Wattson: heh its in my geans. 😉 i was a very intelligent boy and i still am.. wabahaaha! but am i as jolly as ever!

    @DC: i never said it was really really hard. 😉

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