new pages

incase no one has heard… i put up tons of new pages..
for one theres and so if anybody wants to see these let me know.

the pokemon Request area is an area where you request where a pokemon is or how to get past something IN pokemon.. cool huh? and the fan art Section is well.. as the title say’s.. you post any art from pokemon you may have drawn. 🙂 both are very good.. 

                                  13.gif    Shadow Luigi


19 Responses to “new pages”

  1. Shadow Luigi Says:

    so what do ya think guys?

  2. cool stuff. looks good ^_^

  3. Shadow Luigi Says:

    gee thanks. ^.^ do you think my blog will make it? i sure hope so…

  4. cool, should be helpful.

  5. Shadow Luigi Says:

    thanks. 🙂 if you are to ever play pokemon or you know need help i’ll do everything!

  6. mario64mario Says:

    Quote: Shadow Luigi Says: gee thanks. ^.^ do you think my blog will make it? I sure hope so… (end quote)

    You need to give it some time. Look at FEBlog. It started off slow, but it’s a very popular blog now. BTW, anyone seen Zelda Blog lately? I saw. It was bad. The “Blue Screen of Death™” as TML puts it, got to his server. 😦

  7. Shadow Luigi Says:

    i think i got time but… i need…. new people… I have… … …. Saint, Matthew thife, Me, Mario64mario, and Dragon crash… and Dragoon wrote once but… i dunno… it’ll be fine in my hope..

  8. mario64mario Says:

    Hey, look at my site. It’s just you and me. LOL!!!!

  9. Shadow Luigi Says:

    haha. ok i’ll go check.. by the way to everybody.. *ahem* if you have any ideas let me know.

  10. mario64mario Says:

    (hint, hint, nudge, nugde)

  11. Shadow Luigi Says:

    huh? wa-whattt?? what did you say mario? have an idea?

  12. mario64mario Says:

    ……….no………..but I gave you one before………………

  13. Shadow Luigi Says:

    ohhh… the *iohfiodhfhsahfhi* idea eh? but that wouldn’t go well on A pokemon blog.. to much work i say.

  14. mario64mario Says:

    I’ll start it……..SL: i thought it was going to be Top secret. 😉

  15. Shadow Luigi Says:

    well maybe not Top secret but… just don’t tell cause its a surpraise..

  16. mario64mario Says:

    mmkay. But we still need to make those things for the people, and you need to open something similar to mine………….

  17. Shadow Luigi Says:

    ahhh.. that would be copying to many people.. E-mail; me and we will talk about “it”. in a e-mail. Co-top secret!

  18. dragoncrash Says:

    even though you said it earlier, i still going to say this SL: i have posted more than once, and i’ve been teying to promote this site (and supermario’s blog) at my school, but kids there aren’t really interseted in pokemon and mario…………anyway sounds cool 🙂

  19. Shadow Luigi Says:

    oh sorry.. i forgot about that… if they don’t wanna know, then please don’t keep going on.. believe you me! ……… if people don’t like pokemon then they will never.. and thanks..

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