Red as the Volcano: Flannery

Okay party guests! this is THE new gym leader article!! as you may know, she uses Fire type pokemon (which is going to be a pain cause i picked a grass type this game.. -_-‘) but never the less theres always a way to Extinguish her to the Ground!!  

Ok. on to the story. she opened a Gym in her home village to train and help pokemon in the area.. but her grandfather insisted that she made one in the first place.. by the gift of honer by opening the gym. He awarded Flannery. With a Torcole pokemon! she no…. ever sense that day in was in her blood to help the town by opening the Gym! awaiting many battles packed with fire.. she held strong! But.. always being a beginner at everything she did. 🙂

By: Shadow Luigi aeris1.gif


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  1. sounds interesting.

  2. so… she never got any better at anything?

  3. Shadow Luigi Says:

    well. when you fight her.. she says well.. studders and trys to act like.. five people… she acts cocky then nice, scared and basicly she doesn’t know what to say.. she say’s “i’m all new at the gym leading stuff so forgive me about my last comments, i’ve trained hard in the Volcano and i’m all pumped up! or i think?? err… lets just battle!” yeah shes very interesting. 😀 kinda cute…

  4. dragoncrash Says:

    cool, and if i could suggest something to you SL: you say you started out with a grass type, then to solve this you have two options.
    1. you fill you your party with all water types
    2. get one water type, and another water and something
    (number 2 was how i beat her, and after that i put them in by “water” box)

  5. Shadow Luigi Says:

    oh… i didn’t even get to her yet ya know… i just won and i restarted my game and now i JUST got past Brawly. i’m not looking forward to going into those caves…

  6. caves are never fun

  7. Shadow Luigi Says:

    yeah.. because in this cave you need a HM to light up the dark areas… and non of my pokemon can use Flash. a.k.a.. the HM i need. 😦

  8. I think pokemon is awesome!! To beat Flannery I simply used a Marshtomp lvl 28, a Numel lvl 28, (With magnitude) a Dustox lvl 28, and a Swablu lvl 27.

  9. Welcome Water_Pokémon_Fan! I apologize about the moderation thing. As I have told everyone on this site, if you are a new member, 1 of your posts are to be put under moderation. This is to prevent spam from pouring in like it once did. It isn’t anything personal, just to let you know.

    And I usually have a Grovyle at that time. She is always difficult for me because of her last Pokémon; Torkoal. Attraction has to be the most annoying move that an opponent could use on you. This is how my battles with her usually go:

    Grovyle attacks with: Mega Drain.
    Torkoal attacks with: Attraction.
    Grovyle is infatuated.
    Torkoal uses: Overheat.
    Groyvle is in critical. Player uses: Super Potion.
    Torkoal’s Attack and Sp.Attack fell sharply.

    Torkoal used White Herb. Curing it’s status problems.
    Torkoal uses Overheat.
    Groyvle is in critical. Uses: Red Flute. Groyvle snapped out of it’s infatuation.
    Torkoal uses: Attraction.

    And so on…and so on…that is. Until Attraction runs out of PP (Power Points).

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