Poll #4

Hello its that time again! its a poll again.. so get ready.. to get yourselfs Votein’!

Okay heres the poll for the week.

Favorite Legendary Pokemon;
Palka  [3] Votes (40%)
Dialga [5] Votes (69%)

Well… might be small but this was a diamond and pearl poll.

22 Responses to “Poll #4”

  1. I think….diagla, if I recall correctly.

  2. Shadow Luigi Says:

    yeah.. 🙂 hes the coolest. although i never played that game..

  3. mario64mario Says:

    Dialga, mainly because I own Diamond and not pearl 😛

  4. Shadow Luigi Says:

    cool! so fair my favorite ones winning.! and i agree to you Mario.

  5. i dont know what they look like 😕

  6. Shadow Luigi Says:

    heh heh… i could get you some.. but… Do you wanna know what they look like? they are interesting..

    OOPS! i meant to vote for Palka not Dialga!!! so i changed the votes. ^_^’

  7. lynmaster1015 Says:

    Defintely Dialga.

    wow. It’s so… white. 😉

  8. Shadow Luigi Says:

    Hello Lyn master. glad you could make it. 🙂 and yes it is white compared to FE blog.

  9. mercenarylight Says:

    I’m not much of a Pokémon fan now (i was a long time ago), but I sometimes see it or play my cousin’s games and Dialga looks much more cooler than Palkia (maybe because its blue and made of steel). For your blog I would suggest writing about the card game (if you know more than I did) or sometimes make up your own games (print-out, Pokémon-themed minesweeper or something like that, you may even borrow 1 from the internet by asking permission). Be creative and keep it up. I’ll check this site later (through RSS).

  10. Shadow Luigi Says:

    Oh hello! (gosh i’ve been getting alot of new members..) welcome aboard! 🙂

  11. Shadow Luigi Says:

    man… somebody VOTE for Palka. 😛

  12. which ones stronger?

  13. Shadow Luigi Says:

    well.. that depends… Palka Releys on SP. ATK (kinda like Magic besides Strength) and Dialga uses ATK.

  14. mario64mario Says:

    I’m stickin’ with my vote. I mean, I’ve owned Palkia (for like a whole 20 seconds) but still, Palkia just isn’t as visually stunning as Dialga. But. He’s (she’s) (it’s) stronger than Dialga.

  15. Shadow Luigi Says:

    hee hee hee.. i just use a Master ball on it. ^.^ and also.. DOH?!? its stronger then Dialga?

  16. mario64mario Says:

    indeed it is.

  17. Advent Master Says:

    how?? i thought they were the same but with differnt things..

  18. dragoncrash Says:

    im going to have to say palika only because i taought mine thunder plus its part water……………and water types rock!!!

  19. hrmm….. what about Dialga’s WROAR of Time???? 😛

  20. Nah personaly that part in the game looked dumb. I am sorry…

  21. Anonymous Says:

    giantina orgin form is cool

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