Smash bros. Brawl updates

hello Advent Master here.  and i will be talking about SSBB in this article.. giving my gym leader articles a break..

for one, if anybody wants to see a Glimpse of how SSBB is really like, then Click this Hyper link. and also even if some of you may already know, i’ll say the new Playable Characters. Wario
Zero suit Samus
King dee dee
Diddy Kong
Pokemon trainer
Pikmin and Omar
Meta Knight
yes those are all the new Characters playable in SSBB. of course there will be more “Hidden” Characters that they don’t say,, so you’ll have to look forward to that. also.. here is a picture of how the game would look…
Of course there are many many more but i chose this picture. Link VS. Snake. well, thats the update.
absol-an.gif Advent Master


18 Responses to “Smash bros. Brawl updates”

  1. dragoncrash Says:

    coolness…………meta knight is crazy…………but kriby is better 🙂

  2. hmmm.. thanks. also.. i really wish that game would come out. i mean…. its not like they like making the fans wait right?

  3. yea, so that they can add more awesomeness. I hope stickers and trophies are tradeable via WiFi *drools*

  4. yeah but what would be the use of that? i have no idea how friend codes work..

  5. you have to get it after you link/play with them. Like in pkmn. Me and DC have friend codes. Not that we use them =_=

  6. How do you even get a friend code? it could just prove to be useless..

  7. theres usually a friend code area, but you have to be conected through the interenet before you can get it

  8. Oh… okay now all i need to do is hook that thing into the CPU.. (which i never knew how to do..)

  9. nice layout. I like it 😉

  10. Thanks. it think it works better too.

  11. Ha! You’re almost at 3,000 hits!

  12. Wow i cannot believe it! :O

  13. off topic but.. i like your banner :}

  14. Thank you. and yes it is off topic.. i’m going to start doing something if that happens again.

    Oops.. i didn’t mean you MT, i meant about the Blog stats thing. sorry if you didn’t see this before.

  15. Can’t wait to beat ya’ll as Snake!

  16. Hello Dstcoyote22! 🙂 He does look interesting. i might play him.

  17. I’m a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, so that’s why I’m excited for him.

  18. Same with me.. i’m a great Luigi fan so you know. 😀

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