Knowledgeable one, Norman

Hello! Shadow Luigi here! yet another gym leader article.. its about time.. okay get ready!

Norman is well. Probably the most interesting Gym leader that i’m going to talk about. well.. He uses normal type Pokemon.. and your thinking… “Piece O cake” but believe me.. his pokemon are killer! they are very strong, plus ghost pokemon and many other pokemon types don’t even HURT THEM!

now.. for the story.. he is your dad.. so.. there isn’t all that much to say but.. when he was little he was a pokemon trainer like you.. but when he got his 8 gym badge he went to the Pokemon League, and he just couldn’t beat the champion.. so he got married to your mom of course.. and then well.. you were born. And he hoped that all his dreams could be pasted on to this boy/girl. (depends if your a girl or a boy) and he settled in a village called Littleroot town. and had a Gym in Petalburg town.
well. that’s about it. 🙂
~Shadow Luigi


17 Responses to “Knowledgeable one, Norman”

  1. I think fighting your dad was an awesome touch to the game series

  2. Yeah i agree.. and also.. hes cool looking.. 😀

  3. sounds interesting. do you ever beat the one he couldn’t?

  4. Yeah. its the champion of the Pokemon League. 🙂

  5. he sounds like a interesting charatcer

  6. He is. and hard.. very hard. >_<‘

  7. hmm, sounds interesting

  8. Yeah.. hes like i said the most interesting Gym leader i am ever going to write about. 🙂

  9. In what game(s) is he your father. I’m not up-to-date in Pokémon since Pokémon Advanced Challenge. In the game, are your brothers May and Max, or are you an only child?

  10. In more recent games, you’re an only child, accompanied by a neighbour/best friend or rival. Or in Diamond and Pearl, both.

  11. Sorry mercenarylight, If you see anything weird, its because wordpress decided it wanted to make my number of posts tripled. and once again, the real post. if you are a boy (Brenden) your rival is May, and if you a a girl (May) your rival is Brenden.. 🙂 i hope this post goes though!

  12. Trouble posting?

  13. Yeah how’d you guess? -.-

  14. dragoncrash Says:

    norman was one of the harest gym leaders i had to beat it that game (at that time in the game) and i didn’t have very many fighting types (which is super effective) but i enjoyed beating him………….i to also like how you had to beat your dad

  15. Yeah its very encouraging to move on in the game.. *sniff*

  16. was this gym leader in emerald? cuz I just got emerald today.

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