Update Feb 8

Hello everyone. well. this article is about the new things about Pokémon gamers blog. 🙂
First off. the new pages, click these following links;
Pokemon Official art 1
Pokemon Official art 2
Pokemon Official art 3
Pokemon Official art 4

And now that the links are over. i have to talk about my new affilates..

Fire Emblem Tale
Zelda Adventures
Zelda 101
Nintendo beyond
Kilvas’ Reign
The Brawl arena

Yeah thats about all there is to be updated. And if anybody saw the disapearing shiny’s page.. then it wasn’t meant to be..  that page wouldn’t have worked out and i am very sorry to anybody who wanted thier sprites up.. anyways… thats about it..
~Shadow Luigi

17 Responses to “Update Feb 8”

  1. ………what was it for? All I saw was a shiny Krabby.

  2. Yeah.. sorry about that. 😦 i couldn’t figure out how it was going to work anyways..

  3. thats a lot of stuff.

  4. Thank you. tomorrow i will put up more Official art.

  5. You have a lot of affiliates now. =D

  6. Yeah. but theres one affilate on your site that i would like to affilate with. >_<‘!

  7. dont worry SL…affiliates aren’t like trading cards 🙂 .

  8. (Sigh…..) if only it would be like so.

  9. no, then you would have to get stressed that you dont have every one.

  10. dragoncrash Says:


  11. @ Saint Of Swords:

    Yeah i would. 😆

    @ DC:

    Hiya! 😛

  12. Hey, there’s tons of Zelda sites that won’t let me affiliate, because they want Zelda-only affiliates.

  13. Thats annoying.. by the way did Luigi’s shack write you back yet?

  14. If affiliates were trading cards, my blog would be the Porygon I treasure (and lost) and most have forgotten.

  15. @ Mario:

    Yeah they really don’t want to affilate. 😦 such a good blog.

    @ Mercenarylight

    i don’t really understand the comment.

  16. dragoncrash Says:

    remember that you do have affiliates……..and that you can also have more, for me……i just want to have affiliates…….as long as their site is good, like yours, and mario’s, and a whole bunch of others!

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