A poll for a Article

😉 sounds confusing i know, but its a poll on which article i should put up next!

Heres the options for voting..

The Family Of Eevees
Gym Leader Article #6
The Legendarys (The Real Verison)
The Shinys

So review.. vote for the one that interests you the most. 😀

~Shadow Luigi


23 Responses to “A poll for a Article”

  1. The Family Of Eevees
    mainly because there’s two I don’t know of……….

  2. I vote them too! 😀

  3. The Shinys, I don’t know what you mean by that and know a lot about the rest. But you should write about that after The Family Of Eevees.

  4. Alright.. i’m going to write about them.. but the one that wins the poll gets posted first. 🙂

  5. I vote for the eevees

  6. well, seems kinda pointless to vote anything besides the eevees soo.. esvees :}

  7. @ MT:

    How can you say the rest are pointless?

  8. @ SoS – =D
    @ MT – =D
    @ SL – =D

  9. Five more days and the poll will be over.

  10. Because i for 1, want more people to be able to have time to come here to vote. 2, because i don’t want to make a article and then make another article the day after.

  11. makes sence…I usually only make one article every two weeks so why not?

  12. It must be easy, because of your top notch blog and all that. 😉

  13. I’m sure 😉 congrats SoS!

  14. Hey my blogs good too! cut me some slack it was only open for two months!

  15. SL….your the one who complimented my blog 😀 .

  16. …. Er… yeah.. oops.. anyways the polls choice will be posted tomorrow.

  17. dragoncrash Says:

    wait don’t close the poll!!!!!!!!
    i know that everyone already voted for the eevees, but i still want my vote in it (even though it dosen’t really matter)
    i’m going to say shinys cause the only shiny i ever got was a shiny garados is silver (and it was siting right in the lake, just wanting to be caught) anyway,i would like to know more about them

  18. Sorry, its already closed.. but sense thats in second place… that will be the next article.

  19. Now I remember who the Shinys were. They are the rare pokémon with different colors than the common ones.

  20. dragoncrash Says:

    i know it was closed, i just wanted put my input in there 😀

  21. Ahhhh drat! i forgot… i was going to post the Shinys article… sorry Merc light. i guess its been a long time sense i posted a gym leader article though…

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