The Family Of Eevees

Hello, sense the poll wanted this article to be up then here it goes.

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Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon.. so many different types.. so many things unknown. they all have different types and there are so many things about them that make the game so interesting.

I have always wanted all of them but… you can only pick one and that drives me crazy. i like all of them.. haaa… how hard could it be to pick 1 Eevee. its not easy, trust me…  and also, some areas you must do special things to make them evolve.. lets take Umbreon.. you must build a bond with Eevee at 7:00 PM through 12:oo AM.. and for others like Flareon, doesn’t need anything like that. all you need to do is use a Fire stone on Eevee and he’ll become Flareon. pretty cool huh?
~Shadow Luigi


23 Responses to “The Family Of Eevees”

  1. Good article, SL. could you write about Leafeon and Glaceon in another article. Those look really cool, and I really don’t know a thing about them. I think they still have to make an Earth-type Eevee evolution.

  2. Yeah.. and do you wanna know how you get them? Leafeon. you have to level Eevee up by a moss rock in a forest. and Glaceon. you have to level Eevee up by a ice stone in a snow area. 🙂 thanks by the way.

  3. Oh and by the way, i like Umbreon the best. 😀

  4. Umbreon was my favorite until I saw Glaceon. Does it have any good or interesting attacks?

  5. good article. I like flareon the best.

  6. @ Merc light:

    Yeah it can learn ANY ice attack you want it to learn.

    @ Saint:

    Yeah hes one of my favorites. 😀

  7. It can. Sweet. Now that’s my second favorite pokémon after incorrectly-seizure-guilty Porygon.

  8. Out of all, I like Umbreon the best. It’s a nice change from all the elemental pokemon.

  9. dragoncrash Says:

    well im going to have to say that espion and leafeon are my fav. but the other are right up their.

  10. I heart Umbreon. But that is probably because I am a dark type trainer and Umbreon was my first lv 100

  11. how come you can only have 1? i like the little fish one best, Vaporeon i think

  12. Yeah you got the name right MT. and welcome PokeKing. 😀

  13. I actually have a box full of them but 90% were through the action replay my friends have

  14. Ah! you have all of those Eevees? cool!

  15. dragoncrash Says:

    my cusion has all of the eevee’s and sometimes, if they are really strong, and you use the different eevee’s, they are hard to beat, i also thought that it was really smart of the creater’s to make a pokemon like eevee cause it has so many different types

  16. Yeah.. Eevees are a great exp. to the gaming series. 😀

  17. they are some of the only pokemon I like. thats why it makes me mad you only get one.

  18. Me too! i mean i like Absol and Salamence as much as the next guy but, Eevees are really cool too.

  19. dragoncrash Says:

    i know, i thought it was geunis that they would put something like that into pokemon, if they do make another eevee, they should make a flying or dragon type

  20. There is a way to get every Eevee. Just breed the original Eevee with a ditto until you have enough for all… what is it now, 7? Yes, 7. Just breed Eevee with a ditto until you have enough for all 7 evolutions. Thats what I did. But, I don’t much care for Eevee as I do for collecting Legendary Pokemon. Oh… it’s like a fetish. Such raw power at my fingertips… and such interesting moves, as well.

  21. Oh that’s a very good idea.. sense I’m restarting my game I’ll look out for that next time.

  22. I think they should make a Metal or Earth (Fighting) Eevee, but a dragon one would be cool too.

  23. Yeah they could have been called: “Metleon”, “dragoeon”, and “Figheon”. thats all i could think of..

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