The Flying Grace: Winona

Hello this is Shadow Luigi and this Gym Leader article is going to be different then all the rest. there will be three catagories. Story, Info, and Mini Walkthough.

Ok lets start with Story:
When Winona was just a little girl she used to peak out the window everyday watching Bird Pokemon fly by. she became older and older and finally she became age 10. she then set off on a journey to be a great gym leader, although…. her journey was not easy.. she had battled the best of the best and soon had to fight her own gym.. she fought hard to make the place in Fortree city and she became not only the gym leader, but the most beautifulist person known of Fortree City!

Now, lets do Info.. its kinda small but it helps.

Pokemon type:

Recommended move types:
Now last but not least, Mini Walkthough!

The path to Winona, Fortree gym leader, is a bit tricky. You must navigate a system of revolving gates, but sometimes the gates aren’t as user friendly as you may hope. some gates revolve only once or twice, meaning you must sometimes cross back though a gate multple times to finally get it in the correct position to pass. Add some pretty powerful trainers to the route, and you may need rest before battleing Winona.

Winona uses flying Pokemon, but all of her Pokemon have secondary types, too, such as Steel and Dragon. keep these dual-types in mind when sending your Pokemon into battle. if you have a strong Electric-type Pokemon, though, you can tap into the weakness that they all share and earn the Gym badge.
Well i hope that helps.

~Shadow Luigi~


11 Responses to “The Flying Grace: Winona”

  1. good article. I hate any enemy that can fly X_X .

  2. dragoncrash Says:

    thta helps a lot……..the frist itme i tryed to beat her, i got destoryed cause there was some moves that weren’t flying….i learned the second time 😀

  3. Glad to help. then again thats one of the reasons of the article.

  4. Great Article, SL. Flying Pokémon are sometimes hard to beat, especially by an inexperienced Pokémon trainer like me.

  5. good story.. i hate flying things, in any game actually

  6. Your not inexperienced. I agree they are hard, But if you have a strong Rock type or Electric type its easy.. but I had nether in my game.

  7. I am inexperienced, I hardly play my cousin’s Pokémon games, and when I find random Pokémon I forget which are the supereffective attacks against them and hardly know anything besides the basics.

  8. I’m not any better.. sure i know a lot but people can forget.

  9. But you play constantly and have a blog based on it, while I just borrow my cousin’s game (his Pokémon aren’t great compared to others who I’ve seen play, so that affected my plays too).

  10. I only like one flying pokemon : Pigeot

  11. @Mercenarylight:

    Well i’m not perfect or anything… you just need practice… i hav’t played pokémon in awhile.. and i still know.. you just gotta get into pokémon. 🙂


    My favorite Flying Type is Skarmory. 😀

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