A Poll and a bit of lazyness

Hello, this will be that same poll we had. you know, the “Poll for a Article”? but this time has lower options.

Vote for which Article you want to be up next:

A: The Legendary’s (Remade version) [0%]

B: The Shiny’s [100%]

C: Other Request and or suggestion [0%]

So which ever ones the highest wins, and the one that goes in last place gets post the last. have fun. =)

~Shadow Luigi


15 Responses to “A Poll and a bit of lazyness”

  1. The Shiny’s, I want to know more about them.

  2. yeah ill vote shinys…I have no idea what they are but they sound….shiny.

  3. Okay Shiny’s are winning so far.

  4. They are Pokémon with different colors than usual, like the Red Gyarados.

  5. dragoncrash Says:

    it would be so cool to learn more about the shinys, do they have a different power or something…..the only shiny i caught was a gyarados

  6. dragoncrash Says:

    oh, sorry for posting twice, but i was wonder if it was ok if i add you on my blog…a blogroll for now if you say its ok

  7. Sure you can.. Put my button up if you know how to.

  8. dragoncrash Says:

    thanks, i will put it up a.s.a.p. 😀

  9. oh so they are the rare ones?

  10. @ Saint:

    Normaly i would tell you but that would take the fun out of the article then. sorry. ^_^’

    @ Dragoncrash:

    So you do know how to put buttons up? Great. oh and forgive me but you have no buttons so i’ll keep you a Link.

  11. ah. Yes. The shinies. ^.^

  12. Yeah so pretty much the Shiny’s are going to win.

  13. dragoncrash Says:

    when you do make the article…..i can’t wait to see cause i no nothing of the shiny’s

  14. I only caught a couple……EVER! >.<

  15. I’ll post it tomorrow Dragoncrash. and Mario, could you please reply to my e-mails?

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