The Shiny’s

Okay so the poll really wanted this one to be up so i’ll post it. 🙂

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Rayquaza’s! But do you notice anything different about them? There’s a Green one (Normal) and theres the Black one (!!!!!). Now, in order to even come across them you have to run and run around in wild Pokemon Grass intill you battle a Shiny Pokemon. If shiny Pokemon don’t come then don’t be alarmed. You have to keep running intill you find one. there’s only a one out of a three hundred chance that they will even come!

Now on the other hand if you want to catch shiny Legendary Pokemon then you have to save your game and fight it intill it has a different color. if it doesn’t then turn your game off and start it up again… sounds annoying doesn’t it? I know. but thats the only way you get shiny legendary. Shiny Pokemon if you ask me, aren’t really worth it. but if you like it then keep trying.

And another thing, when you battle Pokemon Trainers, you will never see a shiny Pokemon. because shiny pokemon is a thing thats meant to be a surprise. like lets just say your walking to a town just some ordinary walk there and you run into a golden Krabby! and you think “(Hmmm… this sure makes my life less boring.)” so yeah shiny’s really help if your bored.

Well i hope you all enjoyed this article. =)

~Shadow Luigi


15 Responses to “The Shiny’s”

  1. Well, don’t some shinys have something different than their normal forms besides color.

  2. dragoncrash Says:

    very interesting, great to know 😛 …but i agree, if the chances are so low, then dosn’t that mean the shinys are different in some way 😕
    even if they are not…….they are still very cool, thanks for the info

  3. @ Mercenarylight:

    I think they might get extra stats but i’m not sure.. The big thing is that they can come in all different colors. 😛

    @ DC:

    You don’t think my article was lacking do you?

  4. SHINIES!!! wow. I never knew that stuff before……. 😛

  5. interesting, but i wouldnt have an attention span for that..

  6. Is WP still screwed up? Guess not.. anyways.. Shiny’s aren’t all that worth it if you ask me but, if you want to try something new and time consuming then its all up to you.

  7. I think I’m gonna restart Diamond. I have nothing to do, since finding Pokemon I don’t have is nearly impossible.

  8. dragoncrash Says:

    getting back to you SL…….no, i don’t think that your article is lacking at all SL….i was a little curious is all 😀

  9. so thats a shiney, eh? sounds liek a waste of time like you said.

  10. @ SoS:

    Well like i said it depends if you have the time..

    @ DC and Mario:

    Dragoncrash thats good to hear.. Mario good luck with that. 😀

  11. Your welcome. Now, does anybody want me to put more Official art up? Because no one seems to care.

  12. dragoncrash Says:

    i never had a shinky other than the one in slive/glod with the gyaradose

  13. @ Jmap:

    😯 *gasp* I would never have time for that!!!

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