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Hello yet another poll is up, but this one is for the good of Pokemon gamer’s Blog. Please partake.

Anyways this is not really a real poll about the games its about the blog itself. Theres been a turn of events and i don’t entirely feel like doing all of these things so vote what i should do.

Poll number: 1 Put more Official Art up
Poll number: 2 Try to get more content
Poll number: 3 Other

It may sound small but you have to vote on which one i should do. If you vote “Put more Official Art up” then i’ll put up twice as much. But if you don’t i’ll slowly do it. I hope you may all understand how it works.

~Shadow Luigi


14 Responses to “Quick Poll”

  1. Poll # 3 – Get more polls!!!

    – end of joke.

    But seriously. If I had to choose between the 2, I’d go with #1, so that all your work will pay off when you have the entire pokedex online. 😛

  2. 0_0!!! Sorry i can’t put up the entire Pokedex are you nuts? 😕

  3. I know, I know, only for Emerald.

  4. Oh maybe. what is Emerald, Honen?

  5. I guess 1..official art, though really you should decide.

  6. No i cannot, its a poll for a reason.

  7. I pick 2, Try to get more content.

  8. @ MoL:

    Such as? Do you mean a Pokédex for Emerald? ‘Cause if thats the case then i’ll do so soon.

  9. dragoncrash Says:

    im going to have to say……..get more art up

  10. According to my calculations. Its a tie!

  11. more content so the search engines will have a better chance of finding you

  12. Okay its official! I’ll be starting a Pokédex in a mere week. And by the way. A new articles going to be posted today.

  13. You could put some more art.

  14. Unfortunately, I’m sure you know about the new dashboards though right?

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