The Legendary’s (Remade Version)

Hello, this is a remade article of “The Legendary’s”. Some of you may not remember this article because it was before i closed this blog down. But its a remade version because many of you have not read it. Plus its more detailed. 😉

Ah.. the Legendary’s… Where to start.. Well i’ll begin with showing pictures of some of them. Note: Click them to get bigger.

ho-oh.png dialga.png rayquaza.png

 Ho-oh, Dialga and Rayquaza! Now you will never find these Pokemon by just wondering around. They must be found in certain areas. Unlike any Pokemon as you may already know, Pokemon Trainer’s will never have them. Because you would be able to pin-point where they are a catch them (And for the fact that the Trainer’s would defeat you in a instant…) There are many many more Legendary Pokemon from different games. So you should collect all the games and transfer the Pokemon to your Diamond/Pearl slot right? Yeah thats the jest of it.

And another thing about them is Legendary Pokemon are the most different from them all. Just look at Rayquaza, you will never see another Pokemon that looks similar to It. And another thing about them. Is that when you use them in battle it feels like your victory is certain. So i don’t use them. you also can’t use them in the Battle Tower. Just think, a level 100 Ho-oh. 😛

 Well thats it. I hope you enjoyed this article.

~Shadow Luigi


15 Responses to “The Legendary’s (Remade Version)”

  1. AH! i don’t get why it was a Rainbow feather though……….I mean, Ho oh’s Red, Green, White and Yellow….

  2. So you just treat them as trophies without any respect to them? 😆

  3. No, but when you use them you A, Ignore your normal Pokemon. B, They are so powerful you can cream the Pokemon League Champion. Or C, Their to powerful. Okay?

  4. hrm, does this mean we have to save up, buy a ton of ultra balls, and teach a pokemon sleep? 😆

  5. What is so humorous about this article?

  6. good article SL.

    I know what you mean about them being so strong…it would kind of be like giving you the strongest weapons in FF befor ethe last boss. if they were smart they would make a die-if-your-not-LV100 temple or whatever you want to call it. taht way all the legendary togethor would give you an instant win.

  7. i dont like using things that are to powerful either.. they sound more fun to look at

  8. Yeah thier Stats are over powered. They could have one of the most weakest moves and still 1 hit KO a Pokemon. Scary huh?

  9. dragoncrash Says:

    i only use my legendary pokemon when im faceing my friends or after i already beat the elite 4 just so they can be in the hall of fame……..otherwise i don’t……..that would be pure evil 😈

  10. triforce624 Says:

    SL: No spaming.

  11. @ Dragoncrash:

    Yeah. But at the end of Emerald in the Pokemon League i kinda used Rayquaza. I tried not to use him honest. 😳 I only tried to get past the Champion. (By the way i only took down 1 Pokemon with Rayquaza.)

  12. is it a sin to use a legendary in the league?

  13. No… Not really, but my Absol rocked. 🙂

  14. its very vey nice all the picture amzing

  15. not that your idea is bad sl, but i just think its fun using legendary pokemon.

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