Poll!! =D


Would you like to see Ash make a comeback in the Pokemon games preceeding Diamond/Pearl?

 Yes – 1(25%)

No – 3 (95%)



24 Responses to “Poll!! =D”

  1. Nah, hes in the show to much. I wish Brenden could be in more games.

  2. Which game is he from?

  3. Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire.

  4. I think he should make a cameo at least. He’s the main character in the series.

  5. Ash is the main character in the show. We don’t need him scuming up the good games!

  6. no, I hate ash…such an annoying personality.

  7. Okay 2 votes no, one vote yes. Mario, what did you vote for?

  8. Well, I’m going to have to say that I wouldn’t like to see him in the games. That’s only because I like to see other characters in the game. Not just Ash.

  9. Yeah, like who wouldn’t want to see Brenden in more games?

  10. Brendan would be so much better than Ash. Ash’s personality is the worst ever, I can’t stand him!

  11. I agree… He is nothing but a nobody who leeches off other peoples answers and thoughts.

  12. He’s just someone that can’t be quiet!! He keeps talking all the time, it annoys me so much!

  13. Yeah, I get sick of that and his stupid voice. TRUE: Ash was once played by a girl acter!!!!! 😯

  14. I know, that just shows how annoying he is.

  15. I’m starting to hate the stereotypical cliché protagonists in anime’s these day’s.

  16. Well, then just stop watching anime, although I doubt you could do that…

  17. We used to have lots of anime’s to watch but…they replaced them like I said before with “Courage the cowardly dog”, “Goose Bumps”, “Samurai Jack”, Scooby Doo”. All such worthless and pitiful shows. And it was supposed to be a anime station now? 😉 I think NOT!

  18. At least you have a bigger variety of channels… <_<

  19. does brendan even come in the show?

    also lots of characters (male) are voiced by females….I find it disturbing X( .

  20. Like Al. I almost died when I discovered it!!!

  21. But he’s supposed to sound like a kid anyway. It makes him original. I mean, there are a lot of characters that are played by females but, I was just saying that about Ash because I wanted to insult him. 😆

  22. I was talking about Al. He’s very cool, but then I discovered that he was played by a female. It was strange.

    Shadow Luigi: I know that, thats what I said

  23. Hey, 😡 Samurai Jack was great, not such pitiful and worthless as you said.

    And most kid or childish characters are voiced by women since their voices are easier to manage and adapt.

    (I’m not really mad)

  24. Well I think it fits Al. Him and Ed go perfect together.

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