Pokémon Emerald review

Hello all! Finally, I’m making a review for my favorite Pokemon game Emerald.

Well, where would I start with the game? Ah! I got it! Anyway, Pokemon Emerald is a game where you command Pokemon that you catch to battle other trainers and gym leaders. You travel town to town battling trainers that stand in your way and beat gym leaders and collect their badges. And in the game you always have a rival, either May or Brenden judging upon what gender you pick. And whether you like it or not, their Pokemon are always stronger then yours by “Super Effectiveness”. Which I’ll get into in a few moments. But anyway back to your rival, May/Brenden have a recommended level depending on the location your in. Like, lets just say your in the beginning and you met May/Brenden, their Pokemons level will be 3.

Now, let us talk about “Super Effective”. Now as your pokemon level up they get moves, and their moves may have elemental advantages. Heres a chart,

Rock type beats Flying type
Flying type beats Grass types
Grass type beats Water types
Water type beats Fire types
Steel type beats rock types
Grass/Water type beats Steel types
Dragon type beats Dragon types
Dragon type beats Dragon types
Physic type beats Physic/Ghost types
Ghost type beats Physic/Ghost types
Electric type beats Flying types
Normal type beats Electric types
Dark type beats Ghost/Physic types
Normal type beats Dark types

And so on, and so on. Of course there are “Un-effective” moves too like for example, Electric type is Un-effective to Rock types. And for a quick note I’m talking about Move types like “Thunder Bolt VS. Rock type Pokemon”. Yeah that’s what I was talking about.

Now, if you wish to know the Items for Emerald, Berries, or Misc. Status Effects click the following links. Status Items, Pokeballs, Regular Items, and Berries. Yes click on them if you want to know about them and look at detailed descriptions.

Another thing is “Gym Badges” yes I indeed mentioned them before but here are the names of them all.

First Gym Badge: Stone Badge after beating Gym Leader Roxanne.
Second Gym Badge: Knuckle Badge after beating Gym leader Brawly.
Third Gym Badge: Dynamo Badge after beating Gym Leader Wattson.
Forth Gym Badge: Heat Badge after beating Gym Leader Flannery.
Fifth Gym Badge: Balance Badge after beating Gym Leader Norman.
Sixth Gym Badge: Feather Badge after beating Gym Leader Winona.
Seventh Gym Badge: Mind Badge after beating Gym Leaders Tate & Liza.
Eighth Gym Badge: Rain Badge after beating Gym Leader Juan.

Now last thing are TM’s (Technical Machines) and HM’s (Hidden Machines). Now TM’s are items that automatically teach your pokemon a move type if they are the type to learn the move. For example, “This TM contains Protect, do you want to teach Protect to Absol?” And since hes a Dark-Normal type of Pokemon Absol can learn it. Of course if you would give a different TM to Absol well, look at this example too. “Absol cannot learn Water Gun”, Thats because hes not a Water type in anyway. Now lets talk about HM. Now HM are moves you can teach to your Pokemon but when you teach it to them it stays with them forever and cannot be erased when your Pokemon learns a new move. These HM’s help you through the game like, heres another example.. “Theres a rock in the way, do you want Geodude to use Rock Smash?” And there are others like Surf and Strength. But HM’s can prove to be useless in battle. They make it where you have to get rid of one of your non-HM moves. Plus like i said they prove useless in battle because they take really little damage out of Pokemon you encounter.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this long article because I will not make another one for 2 weeks.

~Shadow Luigi


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  1. You already know I’m not a Pokémon trainer, but the info might be helpful.

    I didn’t know Steel type beats rock types, nor did I think that:
    Dragon type beats Dragon types which beats Dragon type that beats Dragon types 😎

  2. Yeah it is indeed cool. But there are so many other things you didn’t mention in this article. So many facts that no one bothers talking about. 😉 But still, you are free you say one thing about the article. You always could.

  3. I could talk about them later. And you must remember it’s like I’ve been disconnected from the Pokémon world for years, so I don’t have much to say here.

  4. Yeah but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn about the things you miss.

  5. I’m here for a reason, and that’s why I decided to start visiting your blog.

    Oh, and that rock smash thing is new, right, cause I only remember fly and surf

  6. Yeah, its new from the older games that is. I just bring dummy Pokémon to use HM’s. 😆 Sounds bad, but it helps your real Pokémon keep their good moves. 🙂

  7. This article has a lot of info. Good job SL, I also liked the way you named the types that are super-effective……..but I think (and I may be wrong), normal dosen’t beat electric, ground does. Any way, good article. 😀

  8. I’m not a pokemon fan, but this article is well written and is very informative.

  9. good article, you should store the effective list in a pages section.

  10. @ Dragoncrash:

    I was just doing what i thought was right.

    @ DST:

    Thank you. 🙂

    @ Saint:

    I’m not sure is WP allows me to make Sub Pages in a normal page anymore.

  11. Yes, you can make any more subpages, but you’ll have a real mess if you keep making pages and subpages.

  12. This ‘ill be my last one. Hmmm, Mario showed me how to do it.. But I don’t remember how to do it. Saints suggestion was a great one!

  13. Justin Jacobs Says:

    Nice article. BTW, i’ll post regularly.

  14. Thank you JJ. 🙂 I wasn’t trying to sound bossy at all just to let you know. Anyway, is anyone noticing WordPress’s new Dashboards? ‘Cause I don’t like it and its making me uncomfortable..

  15. I have, but they’re almost the same, just with more things in the first page.

  16. But theres no “Edit Comment” thing, just “Save”. And i can’t even find the re-upload/upload button.

  17. Yeah, I just noticed that.

  18. I hope WordPress fixs this little problem.. Anyway, I wish they could have kept HM’s to a little amount. ‘Cause they are a great waste of space.

  19. I hated the HMs.

  20. Yeah, I know. I mean, who is going to make something that hogs up your move space.. If you also want to bring dummy Pokemon, they hog up your Pokemon party and make it so hard to fight trainers.

  21. I think the only problem I had with HMs was in Pokemon Red (GBA) whereas I couldnt find the Cut HM, and it stopped me from playing the rest of the game -.-”

  22. Gravemind Says:

    … any mention of Legendaries and the Regi’s on this site? I play for those, but I don’t train them too much. I find that raising my normal pokemon from level 1 is more effective than training a legendary found at level 70. AND NO GAMESHARKS OR RARE CANDIES, EITHER!

  23. Happy Birthday, SL!

  24. @ UZM:

    Well, there is a article on my blog called “The Ledgendarys (Remade Version)”. Just scroll down and look for the article.

    @ ML:

    Thank you! 😀

  25. I think I feel a little better now. My back was so stiff.

  26. Thank you. What did you like about it?

  27. Very good article indeed SL. Emerald is my Favorite game, followed by Leafgreen and Gold. I have never thought how bad the game is with Normal types, they aren’t super-effective against any time, while they’re un-effecitve against Ghost and no very-effective against Rock and Steel, what makes it weak. I basically only use the powerful HMs, as I can put the “garbage” ones in utility pokémon.

  28. That is how I think as well. I personally just bring Geodude or something and stuff him up with “Strength” and “Rock Smash”. They have common similar effects and both are useless in battle.

  29. But Strengh is quite strong, depending on the pokémon.

  30. Perhaps My Pokémon are not up to Strengh. I don’t use Fighter/Rock types.

  31. Well, in Pearl/Diamond it doesn’t matter, but in the other games, it is good to have as a “support move”.

  32. Well, the only Hidden Machine I found useful, was Flash because it makes your opponent inaccurate.

  33. But it’s also very innacurate. I hated it…

  34. Yeah I kinda thought that too XP . Its a lose win situation

  35. I hate lose win situations, and I prefer the ones more immediate.

  36. Yeah, Hidden Machines are always lose win situations for me. So I just stick with normal Pokémon moves. By the way, check the “POLL” article. I replied. XP

  37. Replied to it.

    I think that some of them might be useful depending on who learns them(Surf, Waterfall), while the others are very average…

  38. Maybe. I was thinking once. In one of My games I was going to teach a Water type (that I was working on) Surf or something. And I did and it was Mudkip. Although I was very disappointed in Waterfall because I thought it was so strong. But it turned out to be weak.

  39. It’s not weak, but it could be better.

  40. Well in My game it was.

  41. What? The move or the POkémon? I’m talking about the move.

  42. Yeah, I’m talking about Waterfall too! I had Mudkip use it and it was useless. But you have to use it so I really had no choice.

  43. It has 80 power and 100 accuracy, if used by a water type it’ll be 120 power, so it’s not that bad.

  44. Well I don’t think Mudkip was weak. I depended on him lots of times! Him and Absol.

  45. I can see that you like Absol… >_<

  46. What you just noticed now? 😆

  47. Some while ago…

  48. Well he IS great! Not to brag but he’s good on everything if you pull up a chart.

  49. volthe Says:

    The only thing he’s not awesome is his Defense, but his power and speed make up for it.

  50. Yeah, he’s a bit fragile but I work past that part.

  51. Which are your favorite pokémon?

  52. Me? Well I’d say Absol, Dusklops, Gardevoir, Salamence, and Swampert.

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