Update: April 10th

Hello, Shadow Luigi here and I have bad news and some good news.

You see, WordPress has completely changed the official dashboards and I cannot keep making pages. Why? Its because whenever you go to upload something it may and probably not upload, plus if you do get to upload it, the image gets smaller then all of your others. And you can’t expect me to screw around with 450 some images right? I personally feel ashamed, but unfortunately I’ll have to wait for WordPress to add the old ones back. I am deeply sorry on everyone’s behalf.

Now for the little bit of good news. I will continue to make articles but once again, the content with have to wait. I will try to keep updating as soon as possible. I might learn how these new dashboards work.. I see no reason why they changed them in the first place. Many members complained about the old one and I think they took it down for that reason. Nevertheless I find it very irritating why they would do that. And to think, I had dreams of making a “Pokemon Emerald Sprites” page. But unfortunately, do to the uploading problem, that cannot be possible. Many others are having these problems and many aren’t having these problems. For one, Mario64marios site is indeed having problems. Because he’s now starting a HTML site of sorts. Because he is indeed sick of these dashboards. Now on the other hand, Zelda Valley has no trouble with this at all. Because they have no need of anymore pages or uploading for that matter. So its smooth sailing for them. I will try to keep this blog alive with Pokemon Reviews, New Releases, Polls, and much much more. But its at the mercy of the viewers that I can even get this lucky as to keep a blog. Will a short one but, that was the Update

~Shadow Luigi


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  1. I don’t see much of a problem with uploading pages, just try to use HTML mode instead of Visual(which doesn’t even let you copy and turns all enters into double spaces). The image appears at the top always, so just copy the code and paste it where you want it to go. Then switch to Visual mode if you’d like to see how it looks. If you have any more problems, email or pm me.

  2. That will not work! It like I said must be easy for you because you don’t need to upload much stuff! Besides, I get my images from this other site. Pokémon-Safari.com. And I will not be going in properties for each and every image I find.

  3. You don’t have to puut everything up at the same time.

  4. Hi SL!!!!
    Don’t worry, they’ll see the mistake they did and correct it soon!

  5. Gravemind Says:

    Why is everything so small?! I can’t read your posts! GAH! I can’t even read my own!

    Shadow Luigi: Better?

  6. It’s the fixing(that’s what they call the change) that WordPress did on their blogs.

  7. Hello Vothe. 🙂

    And I find it really stupid why they insist on making things more complicated. They are making it feel like a giant high-tech computer program that only super nerds could figure out. Normally I could figure it out but its to darn complicated.

  8. Well, people like to complicate things as much as possible. I hate it.

  9. Yes, I’d use Wii for example. I saw no other game unit with that much cords.

  10. Cords??

  11. Yes, there are many cords you need to set up Wii. For example, if you wish to connect with the internet there are at least 689 cords. At with which I am not guessing. That is the amount you must set up. And of course they have to throw in the Sensor Bar and Wii-mote before you actually get to play the game to connect. Which is a real pain trust me. You just watch, the next game unit will have 100000,000000 buys worldwide. And twice the amount of cords I menioned before.

  12. Okay. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you know what it is.

  13. Maybe the most pain of it all, is when we must take our Wii and take it to the Living Room and connect to the computer, set up the cords, the adapter, and so on.

  14. Oh, now I understand, but since our Wii always stays in the Living Room, I have no problems with it.

  15. Do you have six chew-happy Cats and one idiot of a Dog? 😉

  16. the dogs not an idiot :{ besides, shes not allowed in your room at night

    anyways, you should get used to the new WP cause its not going to change back

  17. Gravemind Says:

    … so sad. But, regarding the wii, it is not hard to set up, I mean, there are only about 4 cords if you don’t include Internet. (if you do, well… STICK TO THE ARGUMENT, YOU CHEATER!)

    ^_^’ Don’t hurt me.

    “Like water I am… Defeat is simply an addition of time… to a sentence I never deserved…”

  18. The worst part (for me anyway) that they give a hope of putting just musice a page, and then when I try to put music on, it wounldn’t let me. 😦

  19. @ UMZ:

    You are….incorrect.

  20. @ SL in the article – I wasn’t sick of the setup. In fact, I asked for hosting before the setup even changed. What I was REALLY sick of, was all the limitations WordPress has. With HTML, I can custom-make everything =D =D

    SL: Then I guess it was a bitter misjudgment I have made…

  21. @SL:
    You shouldn’t treat dogs so badly, I like them.

    WordPress is so limited that it makes most people sick of it, or so I have heard.

  22. Sorry Vothe, maybe I was a bit rough at the time I said it. And I think WordPress is going downhill just like other game company’s. Konami, Sony, Nintendo, et cetera?

  23. Yeah, pretty much that. Well, I forgive you.

  24. Appreciated. And, did you notice a change in Games/Animes/Programs Vothe? Like they are getting more and more annoying and or complicated.

  25. They just put a huge load of new things that could be thrown away, but that’s it.

  26. Apparently, but local television channels have been replacing good animes with poor quality shows.

  27. Well, that’s something that doesn’t affect me anymore, as they already replaced most good animes here…

  28. Well I knew Cartoon network was annoying, but, this go-a-round they went to far!

  29. I’m used to it, but I stopped watching it some years ago, as they replaced all the good shows. Now I watch Animax, an anime-only channel that’s starting to replace shows too.

  30. Blast! Has the whole world gone mad?!? By the way, can you see if I have a new avatar? Because I have a new avatar but its not showing for some reason.

  31. You have the old avatar.
    And the world is not mad, just insane.

  32. Bah, I wonder if WordPress isn’t working right now..
    Yeah, I think I understand how that could happen. 😆

  33. I think that we’re very similar at that point, and many others.
    From what you say, WordPress is so bad…

  34. Well, personally, I think everything’s/everybody’s having a big fluke.

  35. At least you seem to have figured some things out.

  36. I think I know though.

  37. Do you know if it’ll be possible to upload something in the near future? Even if badly.

  38. Maybe. Thats why I said I’ll have to wait for them to update new dashboards. I don’t know why they did that.

  39. Because they like to worsen our lives!!

  40. Apparenly so, pitty.

  41. Well, have you our Saint or MT discovered anything good?

  42. They don’t really care about the situation.

  43. What about The Fire Emblem Blog?

  44. They don’t upload much stuff so you know? Not really an issue for them.

  45. But you said they were looking for somewhere better for them to host the Fire Emblem Blog.

  46. Yeah, but I doubt its about the uploading problem. Saint was talking about this before the uploading problem.

  47. Oh, sorry about that.

  48. Stop apologizing. Admin’s authority.

  49. volthe Says:

    But I’m a mod, I have some authority, besides, I have to apologize when I make a mistake.

  50. Well an Administrator has first calls. 🙂 Not to be rube but I just want to help.

  51. volthe Says:

    Help with what? I am this way so, it’s no use tryng to make me stop apologize. I’ll try to lessen it, but you’ll still see me doing it.

  52. Well I’ll have to edit your posts if you keep doing it. Once again, I am not doing in a bad way, its for the good of you and others around you. 🙂

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