UPDATED Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explores of Time/Darkness

Yes, just as the title say’s, there is a new Pokémon game coming to U.S.A soon enough. Although I do not know much about it as I only found information from a person. It is said to be released sometime in May (preferably May 30th) . It may not be much mostly just data I found out, but if you are a fan of Pokémon you’ll want to see the results.

Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: RPG
Play style: (It appears its like Pokemon Blue/Red rescue team, you play with Pokémon instead of trainers)
Price: (Most likly 39,99 dollars)
Rateing: 8/10
ESRB rating: E

~Shadow Luigi 


39 Responses to “UPDATED Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explores of Time/Darkness”

  1. Let’s hope it’s as great as their new games!!!

  2. Yes let us hope indeed. It sounds interesting though.

  3. That will probably be good.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking of getting the 2 other games (Pokémon Blue/Red Rescue Team) but the thought of it didn’t sound that interesting.

  5. sounds different from the others

  6. i dont play the pokemon games. are they as rushed as the rest of nintendos series’ ?

  7. I don’t think so. Personally, I hardly know anything about this game… I only saw a program on Television and Mercenarylight told me the name.

  8. I think that they rush a little bit in their games, but that may not be the case.

  9. Maybe but no one knows for sure.

  10. I hardly think they will make things correctly this time around…

  11. Yeah, I’ve realized that WordPress is just as incompetent as Nintendo.

  12. Nope, they are not incompetent, they can ruin any game they want, so they do their job.

  13. 😆 Well, I guess they have the right to do it but it doesn’t mean that the game won’t turn out. 😉

  14. Although they have the right, they shouldn’t.

  15. Yes, that much is certain.

  16. My only certainty is that if the game is released, it won’t be the way we want.

  17. Yeah, I hope Nintendo gets a thought of how great games were back then. That’s why I like the Virtual Console, they don’t change the old games. Instead they let you replay the games how they originally were.

  18. Yup, that’s great.

    Do you have reservations about ROMs?

  19. No I do not use ROM’s because their illegal and will not be talked about here. 🙂

  20. Ok, I’ll respect that.

  21. Okay, now, back to the topic shall we?

  22. Wow, that’s MT talking…
    Do you know what it’ll be like? It’ll be similar to any of the older ones?

  23. Have you played “Pokémon Blue/Red Rescue Team”? You play Pokémon instead of trainers.

  24. I played my friend’s once.

  25. Well its sort of like that.

  26. Hmm, I thought that it was better. But it’s still good!

  27. Speaking of which I think its released now. But unfortunately we don’t have enough money to afford it. ;.;

  28. I have played (own) red rescue team and it was really fun. But some of the levels are really hard and some levels even go up to 99. But its a fun game none the less.

  29. Well I thought it was good but I just thought it was dumb. I want to save up to get Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explores of Darkness.

  30. Well, it can’t be that expensive…

  31. If I have a total of 00,00 dollar’s then yeah.

  32. It can’t be more than 50 dollars, so how much can you save per month?

  33. We use our money for Food, Water, Soda, Goods, et cetera? We don’t have money for games and My parent’s don’t have money to pay me. Hopefully in May we’ll get some money…

  34. Man, thank god I save my lunch money. Ithink my family has the same money problems as yours. Most families have.

  35. Its because of to many taxs! u_u Now, may we continue talking about the game?

  36. volthe Says:

    As you want. Have you liked it, besides the seven Pokémon against two part?

  37. Yeah I got past that part easily. I really like that game. Its like your not even playing Pokémon. That’s what makes it fun! Its brand new.

  38. But it should be like playing pokémon, as it’s why they made it.

  39. Not really, it doesn’t have the same play styles as Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond or Pearl. You walk freely in the game and if you run into a Pokémon, you can just walk away instead of fleeing. But I haven’t been able to play because I’ve been busy with Emerald.

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