Interruption in the Official Art

There is a big problem pertaining to My blog since WordPress updated this little feature…

It turns out, I wasn’t just feeling lazy, WordPress took the feature away to upload images on pages. So in other words, My Official Art may never be finished. I might actually have to wait for the next wordpress update, but still they just might make it more complicated. I am very upset about this because I was planing in the future to make a Pokémon Sprites page and you can only imagine how many hits that could give me. So I’m out of luck right now. I’m really sorry for all of you. I might consider finding a new website to post the data from my blog on. (Just without the wordpress theme) . One of my affiliates “Fire Emblem Blog” are finding a new host for their Forums because I agree with them, WordPress is a bad host and good for nothing. But mine’s a little different.  I just need a new website of some sorts, (not the kind where you cannot post either) and I will copy and paste the URL for this site and change it to HTML. For any of you who have a blog on WordPress and want to upload lots of images on pages, your out of luck. By the way, you can still upload images on WordPress if your making an article. Yeah pretty useless…

~Shadow Luigi


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  1. What?! 😯 Are you sure you’re not exagerating, SL. I just uploaded some images in the LMG page today, and I didn’t see any problem besides them uploading at the top, which is solved by copying them and pasting them where you wanted them.

  2. I’m not! The image that you upload permanently stays a Thumbnail. And on My behalf the official art won’t work or look good.

  3. You can change between three sizes, I usually leave mine as regular (not medium or small). Maybe your brother or sister could help.

  4. They should be able to help, but it seems that they think the same way…

  5. its really screwy, once you upload something you cant browse and put it in a post. aside from that they had to go and make it where thumbnail size is extra small…so it doesnt match with your other ones you uploaded prior to this “renovation” .

  6. Yeah. I really wish WordPress didn’t have to change the dashboards.

  7. Reffering to how we hate the new wp dashboard and want some change, can I have an email or pm(Mt would be able) conversation with any of you, Saint, MT and/or SL? I have some ideas.

  8. Wow, quite private. At least I don’t have to face such problems. 😉

  9. @ Mercenarylight:

    Sure you can talk to me, my e-mail is (

    @ Volthe:

    Its okay Volthe, its just ideas about junky WordPress. 😛

  10. WordPress must be horrible…

    I edited your post. Now the name’s right.

  11. Hey Shadow Luigi I’ve added this excellent little blog to my blogroll. If you could do the same that’d be much appreciated my friend 😀

  12. Hi Sickr! Sure I’ll add you As Soon As Possable.

  13. =D SL, is there an option while uploading that allows you to make the image non-linked? If it stays as a linked image, it will be a crappy sized down hyperlink image, which are nightmares on WP.

  14. I think he already tried it.

    Hi Sickr!

  15. At mario64mario:
    Yes, there are. It’s that wp selects a default size if you don’t want it as a regular image.

    At SL:
    You know you contradicted yourself by saying you couldn’t. And I’ll email you soon (meaning not this week).

  16. @ Mario:

    Regardless, it never looks good and its always a link.

    Also, I will be making a new article in two day’s about.

  17. Can’t wait for it.

  18. I figured as much >.>

  19. Why?

  20. Yes Mario, why? Or were you commenting on the other comment?

  21. It’s getting confusing.

  22. Let’s just forget about it. You should be looking forward to My next article.

  23. Can you give us a little sneak peak, or will we just have to wait. 😆

  24. You’ll see in the afternoon 4:00 PM.

  25. I already saw it, and it’s very interesting!

  26. I wish more people would see it though.

  27. Don’t worry, they’ll see it.

  28. Its probably the biggest poll yet!

  29. O.o It’s not that big yet. I wonder how the previous ones were…

  30. I figured that much out…

  31. volthe Says:

    No just thought a little about it. Ithought that probably you would only allow people that you trust in here.

  32. What? I allow everyone. I don’t know what your talking about.

  33. I forgot that this is wp, not IF.

  34. I am actually thinking of making a forum on Invision Free soon enough. I’m thinking as soon as my blog gets to…30,000 hits?

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