Poll status: Closed

A rather, interesting poll, read.

The poll options, well prepare to be surprised… Here are the options, Role Playing on Pokémon Gamer’s blog, make the sprites page (regardless the uploading is to My liking), or finish part 3 of My Official art (regardless if the uploading is to My liking). Heres more details:

Role Playing: On Pokémon Gamer’s blog, I will make role playing articles monthly, and of course no role playing is fit without a shop! And I will update your posts and give you Pokédollar’s (100 each post). Keep in mind though, if I find you double posting to get free Pokédollar’s, that post will not count.

Pokémon Emerald Sprites: A great page of sprites from Pokémon game’s. They will be very useful and I’m sure people and visiters will want to click on the page. But if I don’t feel like uploading them at the moment I won’t, I’ll upload them when I get to it. But regardless you know me, I have to upload them sometimes. 😉

Pokémon Hoenn Region; Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4: This would also be very popular because people love Official art! But this goes the same for the sprites rules above; “But if I don’t feel like uploading them at the moment I won’t, I’ll upload them when I get to it. But regardless you know me, I have to upload them sometimes. ;)”.

So there you have it! Hope you vote on a good choice! Heres a chart.

Role Playing (2 votes)
Pokémon Emerald Sprites (4 votes)
Pokémon Official Art; Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (1 vote)
Total votes: 7

-Shadow Luigi





22 Responses to “Poll status: Closed”

  1. i vote Pokémon Emerald Sprites

  2. Gravemind Says:

    I vote Role-Play. I can’t help it, it’s a thing.

  3. Okay its 50-50.

  4. official art! tie it 1-1-1!!! just kidding. I say sprites, though you should do what YOU want to do.

  5. Funny Saint. So far the sprites are winning.

  6. I think that sprites would be better also.

  7. Pokémon Hoenn Region Part 1 – 4. There are sprites in the web and the forums already have rps, so the third choice would be more necessary now.

  8. @ Mercenary of Light:

    Technically, there’s a different site that has Pokémon Official art pictures so you can’t really say that Official art can’t be found on the web. By the way, I’m getting all of My Official art from that site. Also the sprites are winning.

  9. Sprites!! I love sprites =D

  10. So far sprites are winning! I’ll give this poll a week longer.

  11. Your percentages are a little strange….
    Everything can be found in the net, but what we prefer for here is sprites.

  12. That’s how I see it percentage wise.
    Not everything Vothe.

  13. OK, everything mentioned in this thread.
    You hould see percentages in a “real” way…

  14. If My percentage is lacking let me know. Tell me the exact number percentage and I shall fix it.

  15. I’m not talking about the exact number, just something under 100%.

  16. Then there is nothing wrong with mine.

  17. Since when 99%+2%+2%=100%?

  18. I vote role playing……sounds like fun.

  19. But we already have the games to play. Unless you have a game with free sprites or official art, I can’t understand.

  20. Its alright Vothe. Its a poll, many people have different opinions.

  21. I think you should use a calculator, SL, or try it out.
    57 + 87 + 20 = 164 > 100%

    And I said and know the art was found on the web, but of the three choices, the (originally Hoenn) official art would be the most necessary for a Pokémon blog.

  22. Fine. Due to the criticism I changed it. Also Mercenarylight, the Official art would be hard to do. Sprites wouldn’t be too bad because they are supposed to be thumbnail size anyway. And I will eventually get to the Official art but, this is a poll, the chose selection will be made first!

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