Poll Winner: Sprites page

Yes the Pokémon Emerald Sprites have been decided to be put up! Here’s the link!

As of tomorrow, I will start uploading sprites from the Hoenn Region, although some sprites will unfortunately will have to be pasted up. The source I’m getting it from has a few URL problems and apparently don’t even attempt to fix it! Here’s a screen shot.

And the “show picture” option when you right-click doesn’t work because the HTML is screwed up and unable to show the picture. Regardless, I am getting so tired of delaying and saying there are problems so I will just look the remaining sprites up on the internet and replace them with the ones tha don’t work. And if I can’t find any sprites of this Pokémon, then I’ll just put a (No insert name here______ image available) in its place. Well you have something to look forward to tomorrow. 😉

–Shadow Luigi


31 Responses to “Poll Winner: Sprites page”

  1. Sorry but I upload them tomorrow. I’m truely sorry. >.<‘

  2. ok.. i’ll look for it

  3. Okay I uploaded some. And I’ll continue doing it at My own pace.

  4. looks good 🙂 .

  5. It looks awsome.

  6. Thank you very much Saint and Dragoncrash. 😀 I may only do 3 a day but its gonna pay off. ^.^

  7. Yep, no doubt about it, My sprites are doing good! I reached the 10,000 hit mark! 😥 I’m overjoyed!

  8. 😀 They look good. And congrats on the 10,000 hit mark.

  9. you reached 10,000 very quick, good job and may the force be with you 😀 .

  10. sprites page looks good. happy 10000 hits!

  11. Thank you! The thing about it is that I was open for only so long. And I already have this much hits!

  12. =D That’s awesome!

  13. And to think. Update articles don’t usually have these many comments. 😆

  14. volthe Says:

    Well, I hop those sprites stay the good way they are!

    Great job with the 10000 hits, SL! Ithink that Saint didn’t want it, but I’ll say it: May the Force be with you!

  15. Thank you Vothe. I should put some more up for the heck of it. 🙂

  16. volthe Says:

    My nickname’s volthe, it’s hard to see, but the “l” is there. I guess it’s no use telling you, it seems you make it on purpose…

    I’ll support your work all the time I can, don’t worry.

  17. Oops. I only even saw your name as “Vothe”… Its “Volthe”” That’s gonna take awhile to memorize. 😆

  18. volthe Says:

    it’s ok, Sadow Lugi. 😀 😀 😀

  19. Good… I posted extra sprites today! 12 If I do say so myself.

  20. volthe Says:


  21. I’ll post some more in the afternoon.

  22. volthe Says:

    They’re great too!

  23. I think I’ll post more sprites everyday. (That saying if wordpress allows me…)

  24. volthe Says:

    Today’s sprites are good too, SL!

  25. Thank you Volthe, but I do not need so much flattery.

  26. It’s not flattery, it’s compliments, as you deserve them for geting Emerald sprites.

  27. Yes but it appears the page is taking awhile to load. BUT I can wait, the desire to post sprites gives me patience!

  28. You have so many that the page is taking a while to load, but it’s well worth our time. ;D

  29. I’d say. I’ll continue uploading more today. Although AOL has been giving me nothing but errors.

  30. Now you’re almost done!

  31. I am done with them. Not the Hoenn Region Official Art.

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