The Psychic Twins: Liza & Tate

A long awaited article that I forgot to post for the longest time! Well, its here.

This is going to be similar to my last Gym Leader article but less boring I suppose… As you may know, it goes under the following categories, Story & Info. So let’s begin with info first, because I like to help people in the best way I can.

They’re Pokémon;


I strongly recommend you have either Psychic type Pokémon or Ghost type Pokémon. Because they fight tag-teamed and usually a strong Ghost or Psychic type can KO they’re Pokémon easily. Although they aren’t something to joke about, they are strong. I’d say for the whole battle the recommended types are Water and Dark. As you may know they’re types are Psychic and Psychic types really do pack a punch. I also recommend you buy some Hyper Potion’s because the battle is going to get rough. You can never be to sure.


They grew up together as twins. They lived near a space center base and were raised with stuff about the moon and sun. But they called it Luna and Sol. They’re father worked at the space center to see if there were any rare Pokémon on the moon. Other aeronauts checked the moon many times but never quite saw what Liza & Tate’s father wanted. He wanted to see for his own if there was nothing truly on the moon. But when the day he finely got to the moon. No one had ever heard of him again. Tate & Liza began from that day training hard with they’re Pokémon so no one could beat them at they’re fathers Gym. They have always wondered if they’re father saw the Pokémon he wanted to…then eventually in the game Brenden comes and sees that another fleet of the agronuants are getting ready to go to the moon because rumors have spread of rare Pokémon being on the moon. Brenden not able to go challenges Liza & Tate and eventually wins.

Well I hope you enjoyed this article, I’m going to be making a new banner today as well! You may comment on this.

~Shadow Luigi


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  1. volthe Says:

    Great article, SL! 😉

    I recommend catching a Sharpedo in the sea west of Mossdeep, as it has double advantage against the best Pokémon of Liza&Tate. Other choices are good Water and/or Dark types. The leaders’ Pokémon tend to be good against Psychic types and Ghost types might not be that useful.

  2. Thanks, but I’m really mad. The stupid banner wouldn’t go in properly. It looks fine when it shows you in the dashboards but…Its cut-off now.

  3. Very well written SL!

  4. Thank you DST! I don’t know what to do about the banner. It turned out perfect but no matther how much I edit it in Paint it won’t fix. I changed the file type several times but it turns out the same. 😡 Its annoying.

  5. volthe Says:

    If you’re really desperate, you could ask one of your siblings for help. They should be able to do it. It’s still good, even if not full loaded.

  6. No, they won’t help. Well actually they can’t help.

  7. volthe Says:

    Oh, then you have to keep trying. Please don’t worry if you can’t, it’s still good the way it is.

  8. The “Gamer’s Blog” is cut off. And I like to have my banner’s perfect.

  9. volthe Says:

    Isaw it, but we can still see it. If you want to make it perfect, just try some more and you’ll surely manage to do it.

  10. I might just remake the banner. 😦

  11. volthe Says:

    If you feel like doing another one, no problem.

  12. I made like…6 more banners all the same but in different sizes. But none of them work. I’m thinking its just wordpress. I’ll go try again..

  13. volthe Says:

    I was talking about a complete different banner, but if different sizes didn’t solve the problem, it’s just the old wp making your life worse.

  14. It looks okay now. Its not perfect but it will do for now…

  15. volthe Says:

    It’s very good!! The black area is not perfect, but it’s much better than before!

  16. @ article:
    very interesting article. are they both girls(Tate is also the peg. knight from FE6)

    @banner problems:
    i’ll post on the help forums tomarrow about it (there closed at this hour)

  17. Good article, SL, and good banner too(it’s ok anyway). 🙂 I saw the episode where they battled Ash, who used the opposite of what you reccomend. When a friend of mine was battling them, I saw a Slowpoke and Drowsee/Hypno. SL: Yeah but I was naming they’re Poké in Emerald, it has nothing to do with the show.

    Also they seem to be based on Hispanic (talk Spanish) characters.

  18. @ Volthe:

    it is true. WordPress is OFFICIALY having problems…

    @ Lightbringer:

    Thank you for helping. 🙂

    @ Mercenarylight:

    They might be spanish. I mean, they do look it. 😉

  19. Justin Jacobs Says:

    Very good, SL!

  20. Oh yeah the banners fixed! Thanks DST! And thanks Justin for the comment. 😛

  21. You’re welcome SL! Glad I could help!

  22. volthe Says:

    Tate is male, LB.

    I don’t think they look hispanic, SL and Merc.

    Great, the banner is perfect now, SL!

  23. Their clothing looks like a cross between Guatemala/Mexican costumes and kimonos. Plus they use hispanic words.

  24. Mercenarylight, they’re clothing are supposed to look space-like. But with the additional bow’s in they’re hair I don’t know.

  25. Their clothing is supposed to be space like, but it reminds me of those costumes I mentioned.

  26. Yeah, but I agree about what you said.

  27. good article SL.

  28. Thanks Saint, what do you think? What interested you?

  29. I think that their clothing is space-like and japanese-like.

  30. Check on-top of the article, I got a picture of them.

  31. Volthe: “Tate is male, LB.”
    Whoa. He looks like a girl! (No offense, Tate)

  32. @m64
    I was very shocked when I discovered it, too.

    I checked it, SL, and I said that they look like space and japanese like.

  33. @ Volthe:

    Yes indeed. That’s what they are supposed to look like.

  34. I usually used Swampert’s ‘Surf’, and wiped them all out ^.^

  35. Yeah it can prove effective but in the end they can team up on Swampert. -_- But I have a Gadrvoir in my game and it should defeat them with pure ease. 😛

  36. Actually Absol did all the work even if it was a tag teamed battle.

  37. what levels are your gardevoir and absol?

  38. Well at the time 55. And my Marshtomp was the same too. I also have like 439000 Pokédollar’s thanks to running around mindlessly sucking the money out of trainer’s with an Amulet Coin. (Not to mention I get like 22000 from every Gym leader or team Magna/Aqua…)

  39. Team Magma and Team Aqua was a nice touch. Wait. Which side was good in your game? Ruby, it was Magma, and Sapphire it was Aqua.

  40. They both are evil. But at the end when you revisit Mt. Pyre they both return the Red orb, and the Blue orb. Maxie walks up to you and say’s your name…and then walks away and you never see him in the game ever again.

  41. What happens to Archie?

  42. He just walks away with Maxie down Mt. Pyre. He is too never seen again.

  43. You don’t have Emerald, m64?

    I usually train my pokémon equally, so tag battles are easy, as they have about the same strengh and are much stronger than the enemies.

  44. Volthe, I think he just forgets about it (often as I do with other games.)

  45. I had Ruby, and I played Sapphire.

  46. Sorry about it, SL.

  47. @ Mario64mario:

    ?!? You told me you had Emerald Version…hmuph. That explains it. 😆

    @ Volthe:

    No need to apologize.

  48. I’m almost there in my Ruby Version, and my pokémon are all above level 40.

  49. My Pokémon were level 60 at that time.

  50. All of them?

  51. …… *I did?* ……….

  52. Very good article….. the first time I played, i try to eat them with normal and fighting. That didn’t go to well.

  53. Water, Dark and Grass are the best options.


  54. SL said that..

  55. Volthe, my Pokémon were above level 60 before I went to Mt. Pyre. I challenged the Pokémon League with my Pokémon level 63 about.

  56. Six pokémon at level 60?

  57. No, I had already said I only raised 3. And now in my game I am raising 1 Pokémon, Absol.

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