More interesting facts about Pokémon Emerald

Heya! I was bored and I noticed I forgotten so many facts about Pokémon Emerald. So please allow me to clarify.

Well to start it all off I could name the different types of Pokémon Trainer’s. There’s Cool ones, School ones, Phychic breeder ones, Bird breeder ones, Fighter breeder ones, Explorer ones, Picnic ones, Fire breeder ones, Electric breeder ones, Pokémon Breeder ones, Ninja boy ones, Bug manic ones, Pokémon Manic ones, Pokémon collector ones, Twin trainer ones, little twin trainer ones, and Hex manic ones. I think that’s it besides the Pokémon League and Team Magma/Aqua. (Which I will be writing an article about)… And I will this time name all of the Hidden Machines (HM).

Rock Smash

And I think that’s it. Please inform me if any errors are in my speech. Now I do believe I should tell about the main idea of the article. “Interesting facts’ quite right. Did you know that even if there isn’t a Pokéball showing there’s a item there, doesn’t mean there’s a item there anyway?  No, you probably didn’t or perhaps you did, it is all depending if you really did it or not. Have you even ever examined a plain rock out of the clear blue? Finf any Rare Candies’? No, you probably didn’t. Then again I was foolish enough to have yet not known this for myself the first time I played. Seeking out of place blank areas in the game prove great benefits for the future. I mean, how else would I, possibly get my Pokémon so high leveled without even checking blank spaces on the ground? Now, other interesting facts are now commencing. The Pokénav (Pokémon Navigator). Did you know how many Pokémon Trainer’s are in there perhaps hmm hmm? I’d say approximately, 999 Trainer’s are made friend’s with. Is it really 999? Or just a mere myth? I say it is true because the amount of Trainer’s are quite high if I do say so myself. And they are alllllllll look-alike’s! Amazing! How will you ever find that Trainer? Why by simply looking on which Route they are on silly. Honestly I am shocked about the amount of Trainer’s! That ‘ill take awhile to get. Might I mention a few facts on Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, Protein, Iron, and HP ups? Whether you know so or not, when you give enough of one to one of your Pokémon, they will eventually stop to give you that effect. For example, I gave my Absol about 12 Zinc’s, and I tried to give him another one yet it said it would have no effect! So this was telling me that the game is like this because if it didn’t have a limit you could beat the Pokémon League with one of your Pokémon having 999 defense caps! Shocking! Simply astonishing! No wonder they gave it a limit after all! (Same works for PP ups and HP ups). And last and most certainly not least….The Trick House! The Trick House has many…..many facts and interesting things to write about. And I shall speak my opinion. The Trick House starts off with it saying, (Your being watched!) You then see a sparkle shining over by a table. You walk by the table and press the A button and a (!) mark comes above the table. It then say’s, (!!! How did you find out I concealed myself behind this table? Your sharp!) It is non-other then the Trick Master himself! He then shows you a scroll leading to a door. And everytime you visit his house there’s some sort of “trick” in every corner. Like in the first one, there’s trees everywhere for you to use Cut on. In these places you must find a scroll to write on a door in the place because its password protected. You memorize the scroll and write it down on the door. Some scrolls have writing on it and Brenden (you) thinks of it in his head what the writing on the scroll was! Some writings are funny like, (The Trick Master is cool……). (The Trick Master is handsome…..) Yeah funny stuff. And after you write the code on the door you see him in his room and he gives you a prize for each thing you complete! His house is full of Tricks and Hidden Machine areas.Oh so dashing! So brilliant! I give this review a 9/10! I was going to write about other things but I thought this would be a good amount.


~Shadow Luigi 


32 Responses to “More interesting facts about Pokémon Emerald”

  1. good article.

    I think games should put just a bit more effort into the NPC design.

  2. Well I forgot several Trainer’s but they all do look the same.

  3. interesting article.

    (btw, whys the font in italics.. it hurts my eyes)

  4. sorry for the double post but that stupid winking face wasnt ment to come.. can you kill it SL?

  5. I had to get rid of the [>.<] face. But its gone. I sent it to the grave.

  6. I didn’t like how in Pokemon Red (GB) they made Rock Smash a TM, isntead of an HM. I had to start my game over because I used it on a Pokemon which I later released. >.<

  7. I never played Red, I played Leaf Green but never finished it. And it was a Technical machine? I hate Hidden Machines but they made it a technical one? That’s not right.

  8. I know. Especially when it’s a necessary move!

  9. Normally I wouldn’t use Rock Smash in battle but that’s just cruel why they did that. Glad I don’t own it.

  10. No, it wasn’t necessary for battle. There was an island with a cave I needed to get to, and it was blocked with one of those special rocks you break with Rock Smash. -.-

  11. Annoying indeed. Pokémon Emerald Version has nothing like that. Although I do find Emerald to have bad after map value.

  12. yea, Red was the only game to have that problem.

  13. I was never quite fond of the older games. I suppose Emerald isn’t really considered too old…

  14. GBA isn’t all that old. GBC is. I think the last GBC game was in 2002.

  15. You’re talking about Gold/Silver/Crystal m64, aren’t you?

    Emerald has less after map value than other games, but the Battle Frontier makes it awesome!!!

  16. Yeah, but I thought there were no good leveling up areas. But Steven say’s otherwise.

  17. Diamond was pretty good for that. The island at the top right hand corner was packed full of good battles =D

  18. Yeah, did they re-challange you eventually? And I think Steven is a guarantied level up for one of my Pokémon.

  19. yea. I think I used that item where it tracks people that want to battle again.

  20. They battle you again. And the battle well, so good level ups. The E4 is good for level up until level 80, after that there’s no such place.

  21. So pretty much after level 80 no more trainer’s battle you? That’s awfully annoying. But I don’t care. Absol WILL get to level 100!!!

  22. I meant there’s no place that’s good to trainm not that they don’t battle you anymore. You can battle them as much as you wish.

  23. Well that’s bad. I wish you could use your Battle Points in Emerald to buy Rare Candies. That would inspire me…

  24. I think you can. Am I wrong?

  25. no. I remember a rare candy on the list, but I dunno if it’s regenerated, or a one time purchase.

  26. No, your probably getting it mixed up with Pokémon Diamond. Because you can get Rare Candie’s in there.

  27. Wow, I never realized there were so many trainers. 😀

  28. There’s just huge loads of them.

  29. Yea, I was reffering to Diamond. Sorry ^.^”

  30. @ Volthe & Dragoncrash:

    Yes, its not just a myth, there really is almost that much.

    @ Mario:

    I got to there in my game but I wasn’t interested in Diamond so I never wasted my time with that. -_-

  31. Diamond was alright, but I wouldn’t consider playing it again.

  32. I knew that, SL. Pearl/Diamond are good, but you can spend REALLY, REALLY huge loads of your time in it that you won’t have done much, like me. I spent 250 hours on it and I have 360 pokémon, while I could have 400 and would never have more than 440

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