Poll (lost count)

Yeah… My last article was a little embarassing but I shall make a poll for the heck of it! And maybe this ought to hold your attention while in the meantime I finish the sprites and announce the new things that are going to be posted! Before I go to the poll I’d like to tell you somethings. New stuff that’s going to be posted! 

Pokémon Lottery: In other words, you throw in some of your Pokédollar’s and as soon as I check your post, depending on the amount of Pokédollar’s you insert, I’ll give you a better chance of winning the jackpot!

Pokémon Gamer’s Blog’s Pokémart:
A place to spend collected Pokédollar’s and buy stuff for the Role Playing I mentioned. Also to avoid some confusion, you get Pokédollar’s everytime you post! You get 100 Pokédollar’s every post you make! But I may have said this already but just to let you know if you have a big converstion (like posting back-to-back every 2 minutes) you will get nothing but a possibal Strike or Warning. Me and one of our members Volthe were doing it one night and I will no longer do it anymore! Just to get that clear.

Hoenn Region Official art: I’m thinking of starting up the Official art thing again after I’m done with Pokémon Emerald Sprites page. I will update them normally if I have time. But I don’t have to feel obligated to upload everyday if I don’t want too. So you can also look forward to that.

Pokémon Emerald Version Pokédex: Yes indeed! I will be making the Pokémon Emerald Version Pokédex sometime in the future. I may not do it right away but trust me, I promise I will get to it when I have time.

Now! On to the poll!

Which type do you perfer?

Okay I managed to put an Update and a Poll in so enjoy!

-Shadow Luigi


37 Responses to “Poll (lost count)”

  1. cool stuff..

    grass sounds interesting

  2. Yeah after that I hope my blog gets a little more popular. 😉 I mean I listed about 4 huge things and they are all good.

    Yeah Grass type Pokémon are very effective and known for stealing your opponents HP’s and adding them to they’re own. I find them quite interesting. I vote for Grass too!

  3. Whoa! Those sound like they’re gonna be awesome! I can’t wait to spend all my Pokedollars in the lottery ^.^ I vote for Water! =D (P.S. – SL, can you check the latest e-mail I sent you? It’s important)

  4. I might be anxious to spend my Pokédollar’s as well. My idea sounds way to fun for even me! And I replied.

  5. ….sorry, but I didn’t get anything in my Inbox. Could you re-send your reply, please? ^.^’

  6. Fine look for it.

  7. Respond if you wish.

    Also pertaining to the article it is going to be a lot of work but I don’t have to worry.

  8. sorry for DP, but I still haven’t recieved a reply e-mail. -.- send it to {peter__f@hotmail.com} Hopefully that will work. Thanks.

  9. How many times must I resend it? Fine…one more time.

  10. Sorry. I never recieved it the first couple of times, but it’s good now.

  11. Okay. Now, does anyone here have any more comments about the Poll/Update?

  12. I vote Fire. I really like Fire type pokémon. Grass is my second choice.
    Sorry about my quick replies, SL.

  13. Quick replies? Oh yeah, but that was in the past. And also I like Fire type Pokémon but they are always hard to raise in the beginning. Because at first they aren’t strong against anything, rather weak to everything…

  14. That’s why I chose Water =D It’s the easy way out! (and in every game, too)

  15. oops. That wink isn’t supposed to be there. -.-

    SL: Corrected.

  16. They’re difficult to train at the start, but they really pay off.

  17. @ Mario64mario:

    Well, what they do is make Water Pokémon really temping so you pick them (not to mention they are good against the first 2 gyms or so) and in the later game you really wish you had Fire or Grass type Pokémon. Its typical, yet interesting.

    @ Volthe:

    Yes indeed. Just like Torchic and the others it turns into. Yes…I forgot they’re names.

  18. Yeah they are good but extremely hard to raise.

  19. But, if you can raise them well at the start, you’ll become almost unbeatable. And it’s Combusken and Blaziken, respectively.

  20. Maybe I’ll do it so time.

  21. If it’s Emerald, try to let him level up in Petalburg Woods a lot, as it’s relatively easy. I just can’t imagine myself with pokémon not very balanced.

  22. Petalburg woods?!? That place will give me no EXP!!!

  23. Well, since I chose Water, the first two people would be easy, and since I love RPGs, the pokemon would be at a high enough level to counter the elemental advantage.

  24. Yeah I suppose that’s a good idea. But my Midkip alway’s turns out dead slow.

  25. You have to be patient and train it to level 10 before getting through it, as that will help. If you train him in the route near Rustboro, it becomes quite good. And if you can evolve it, it’s even better.

  26. I love to train in the forest. Any forest. Or temples and caves. There’s tons of battles there! =D

  27. I think though because I’m always overleveled wild Pokémon don’t give me any EXP.

  28. yea. Once you get to a certain level, then you need to find trainers.

  29. Yes I understand that. That’s the whole thing I said before. ^_^’ Anyway’s, I’m almost done with the sprites page.

  30. Then I’m going to have to upload all of the Hoenn Region Official Art. -_-‘

  31. You do it, and like it, since pokémon is very funny. If you train more like me, balancing all your pokémon, things will be very different, so bear that in mind. If you’re ok with the way you train ok, I just thought of some flaws.

  32. I guess I’ll just level up at the Pokémon League rapidly. Frustrating but yet worth it.

  33. Good way to do it. I think that’s the best actually. Have you checked the BF already?

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