The Quest to Catch ’em All! Pt. 1

I recently restarted Pokemon Red (GBA) and I intend to catch ’em all! 😉  I will be posting article updates to let you in on the features, and compare the game to the original on Gameboy. Also, with SL’s permission, I hope to make a page to track all of my seen and caught Pokemon. That way, at the end of the game, I’ll have a complete Pokemon Red Pokedex on PGB! =D Stay tuned for more!




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  1. Sounds interesting but I’m not so sure yet. I would like it if you actually made a “Pokémon Red/Green (GBA) Pokédex” in that exact writing. But like I said I’m not so sure.

  2. Your idea is very good, m64. I’ll be waiting to see the results.

  3. Don’t I decide the Page’s/Articles that get posted? I said I’m not sure yet.

  4. Yea. That’s what I said. “With SL’s permission”. And I agree. I think it should be called “Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green (GBA) Pokedex”.

  5. I’m taking it under consideration. And you forgot the “é” Mario. 😉

  6. If your collecting them all, dose that mean the legendary too, or just the normal pokemon? 😕

  7. To the best of my knowledge, I think he would catch all of them. “Catch ’em all” does generally mean all.

  8. Heh, yes, SL is right. ALL. By any means necessary. I didn’t know how to put the “é”, but I guess I’ll do that now ^.^

  9. Okay you can put the page up and start working on it after I finish Pokémon Emerald Sprites.

  10. Actually please answer your E-mails. I sent one on every name.

  11. It’ll be VERY difficult.

  12. To even attempt to catch every one! I cannot imagine Diamond or Pearl.

  13. I’m currnetly trying it, although I won’t get near the legendaries, I might get it done at the end of the year if I have enough time and don’t get a good game to play instead of it, cause I would have to play A LOT of hours, making it boring at some point. I porbably won’t be able to get more than 450 pokémon, as I think the rest is legendaries and some that you can get from events.

  14. You know, you can only get most of the Pokémon by transferring from older games such as “Silver”, “Gold”, “Emerald”, et cetera? So if you don’t have those then you may have a hard time getting all of them. And what are the “Events”? I’ve heard of them but never quite got to them.

  15. This is Pokemon Red, on GBA. No Diamond/Pearl, no Silver/Gold. =D

  16. I was talking to Volthe about Diamond and Pearl.

  17. oops. Missed a comment when I was reading.

  18. I am doing a portfolio on why pokemon was the greatest game of its time, does anyone have any input?

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