A little busy but I indeed have time…

Hello. Sorry I haven’t been on or updateing for that matter. I’m still working on my soon-to-be-finished Pokémon Emerald Sprites.

I am about 79% done with them and afterwards I’ll start working on the Official Art. (After I just got done uploading 150 images, I’m going to upload them again… -_-‘) Anyway, I am hoping to finish the Hoenn Region and the Sinnoh Region this year. Because then after that I will be able to focus 100% on the Role Playing. Because I myself am looking forward to it!

Of course there will be many things I need like Over world sprites, Item Sprites, Human sprites, et cetera? So I’ll probably be looking for a place to find that kind of stuff for about a month or lower. And of course I am forgetting the Lottery. Which will take awhile to figure out. You know, finding random pieces of paper and putting only 1 “Jackpot” piece in one of them, then I will pick through a huge pile of them and if its the Jackpot, however asked gets the prize! But you will never know what the prize is! So that will be handy too.

There was also the “Pokémon Gamer’s Blog Pokémart” which you’ll have to find in the Role Playing in order to even get enough Pokédollar’s. And when the Role Playing starts you’ll get a “Wonder Map” (which is in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer’s of Time/Darkness) and that will be your way to navigate around the map. If your Pokémon are injured you should be going to a town, unless you want fainted Pokémon. 😉 So I suppose the choice is really up to you. Well it feel’s good to have updated once again.

Best Regard’s; Shadow Luigi


13 Responses to “A little busy but I indeed have time…”

  1. Awesome! I think role-playing is going to be amazing! =D

  2. Sounds great but its going to take a lot of work. I still need to think of a story. ^_^’ Guess while I’m uploading the sprites I could do some thinking.

  3. It may be a lot of work. But when its all finished, its going to look and be great. It sounds awsome already.

  4. I hope it is entertaining. Because I hope the fans of many come to join.

  5. It’s sounding great, SL!!! Don’t worry, you’ll be proud of your hard work once it’s finished.

  6. !!! hey! I can do the lottery! I might not know much about pokemon, but I can do a lottery. dice, coins, papers, ect…, all help with that. just tell me when you want it done (before the RPG starts might be a good idea) .

  7. Yes Saint, you have the Authority and Experience to do it. I’ll make the page after I’m done uploading the Hoenn Region Official Art and then you can take it from there. Many thanks. It would save me a bundle on time.

  8. OK, I’ll be waiting anxiously for it, Saint! SL, what will the RPG be like?

  9. No no no no! That is not something for open ears! E-mail me if you wish to know. You’ll love the very thought of it I sense.

  10. =D I’m sure it will be amazing!

  11. I’ll tell you it Mario64mario in a E-mail

  12. I’ll do it tomorrow I think.

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