Poll #15

Hello everyone. I say while I am working I could throw in a poll!

How do you usually play in Pokémon? Or more importantly,
What Of Moves Do You Teach Your Pokémon?

Offensive Moves
Defensive Moves
Both Of The Same Moves

Okay that’s all I could think of for the time being. Well, I should really start the Hoenn Region Official Art soon so. Vote for now!

– Shadow Luigi


9 Responses to “Poll #15”

  1. Offensive!! Definately! (and nice banner! =D)

  2. I perfer defensive but whatever works. And thanks.

  3. I guess a mix is necessary, but I’ll stick with my choice.

  4. I’ll make the Hoenn Region Official art; Page 1 today.

  5. okay, awesome!

  6. raptorxd Says:

    Offensive. As a Dragon Master, Defense doesn’t interest me. All my Pokemon can take out their enemies in a single hit anyway.

    -Raptor, out.

  7. I once had a really strong Dragon Type…I think Salamence? Anywho he kicked the crud out of everything!

  8. Really he could. He defeated his foes with 1 shot! With the move “Dragon Claw”.

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