The Quest to Catch ’em All! Pt. 2

I’ve started the game! Basic as any other Pokemon game. You choose between 3 pokemon; a grass, water, or fire type.  In this game, you must choose between Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. Of course, I chose Squirtle!

I am on a quest……a quest to fill a Pokedex, and to see the world! HAHAH!!! Off we go!


(Look for another Quest to catch ’em all soon!)




14 Responses to “The Quest to Catch ’em All! Pt. 2”

  1. raptorxd Says:

    Red was not only my first Pokemon game, but also my favorite. And I chose Squirtle my first, fourth and all consecitve playthrough’s after.

    -Raptor, out.

  2. well, not Red, FIRE Red. The remake on GBA.

  3. I’m sure he knows Mario. Or not? Anywho I think the first Red would be very hard to find now these day’s.

  4. at stores, yes. Through my friends, no. I sold mine, but one of my friends (DK37DK) still has the original Red. If I really needed to, I could aquire the game.

  5. If he’s your friend why did you hack in to his name? 😉

  6. raptorxd Says:

    Yeah, I knew. FireRed is the newer version.

    But I still love the original, which I still own.

    -Raptor, out.

  7. I don’t like the older version’s because they are all so boring.

  8. I didn’t. DC guessed his password.

  9. Hey, hey, hey. I didn’t hack his password……I already knew it. I asked him if he cared and he said he didn’t. I was there when he made it. And he said that he woudn’t use it very much………so MARIO and I USED his account. We didn’t hack.

    Now………back to the topic. I never played the older version. But I did play Fire Red. I started off with Charmander (only because I wanted Sweecune the legendary dog pokemon). And yes, I know I didn’t spell it right.

  10. Technically you did Dragoncrash and Mario. And a hint of advice Dragoncrash, Mini-moding is never a good thing to do. Please try not to do it again.

  11. ……..uhhhhh, we didn’t. And DC, I never said you hacked. You guessed his password. I’m guessing you watched his hands as he typed it in one time. You KNOW he’s a slow typer.

  12. Please stop spamming this article! It may be your article but its my blog. Giving myself equal rights to say stop.

  13. okay. Sorry. I’ll delete the comments if you want…

  14. Sorry, we kind of got up into the topic. 😦 But now we can go back to the real topic.

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