Urgent Article (Non-Pokémon Relative)

Okay everybody listen up. I have rather disturbing news.

Well…today I was just playing my game normally. When all of a sudden I heard sirens and everybody was freaking out. Want to know what it was? A Tornado warning! We all ran downstairs (me running down without my shoes mind you. thus getting my socks all dirty) and sat down on a Cedar chest and preyed. Personally, I think I was the most scared out of the bunch. Not only was I so scared I turned off my game without even saving it. (So that’s gonna kill me later), but I was literally shaking! Preying to God that we would survive. Of course our Dad wasn’t being so smart. He was walking outside looking for the Tornado seeing if it was here. He not listening to us was rather bothersome. Plus there was even more of a trouble! We didn’t have anything downstairs to inform us about the weather! So Saint of Swords ran up the stairs to go get his Radio. Thankfully, the Tornado warning was going to pass us by 3:30 PM. So I was out there preying my head off that we would make it. Soon enough, we were in the clear. All thanks to the Lord. Allow me to say a prayer to him… O Holy Lord, I thank you for granting us life. Thank you for protecting us from natures might. And thank you for letting us survive. It was all from you that had saved us. I solemnly thank you.

Let us thank the Lord for everything he has done. But unfortunately, we are not save yet. The same Tornado will be coming exactly a week from now. So I have my hopes in Jesus Christ. My savoir and Lord. Thank you for your brave efforts. So please, prey for us next week so we may survive this one more time…

Best Regard’s; Shadow Luigi


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  1. Uh-oh…I think there is another warning tonight. Oh…Its time like these that I wish I lived in Australia.

  2. Just hang in there bro, stay safe!

  3. Let us hope such things will be granted.

  4. um SL the same ones not comming.. the weathers just going to be stormy for a few days.. and the watch expires soon so try to relax ^_^

  5. Hope they disappear in an area far away from civilization. Keep praying to God for your and your family’s safety and you’ll see everything will be all right. I hae also found myself in moments where I thought my life or that of my friends and family was in danger, and I always prayed for our safety, and nothing happened to harm us. I think these are tests to help us improve our faith. You’ll see that next week the weather will be back to normal. Just stay inside and you’ll be safe.

  6. I think I experienced the aftermath of that tornado. I mean, I live relatively close to you. It was really stormy, and there were bright flashes of light, a whole minute of silence, and KABOOM!!!!!! It was a heck of a lightning strike! And so late at night, too!

  7. nintendogurl Says:

    Oh noes! I don’t know what to say!
    I’ll just keep praying!

  8. Thank you all for your support. I honestly would not have felt better if it was not for you guys.

  9. Justin Jacobs Says:

    You and saint of swords are… bros?

  10. Glad you’re OK buddy 🙂

  11. Justin Jacobs Says:
    You and saint of swords are… bros?

    You’re a little late informed, aren’t you? 😛

  12. i hate tornado warnings…I always have to go in that little hole and kill my knees -_- .

  13. I suppose I’ll have to upload more images. Even if I don’t really want to.

  14. Justin Jacobs Says:

    At M64M: Now I know they’re tight and lethal bros. I think SofS should have stayed out of the whole situation about that harmless link… none of his business….

    I just had a tornado warning too.

  15. none of my buisness… -_-‘ ? its my computer your “harmless” link almost crashed. now drop it already…its getting old. im an admin here too by the by so….yeah.

    anyways yesterday was the first day I didnt have to go down stairs 😛 ! its a new record….kinda.

  16. Yeah but that record is bound to fail. 😆 Honestly, with this weather anything can happen. Why, just wait, tomorrow you’ll see a certain Shop of some sort being blown away!

  17. There’s a ton of windy and stormy activity going on in my city, which is odd, becuase the past 3 days have been excruciating heat.

  18. Socal here is just hot, clear, but smoggy! I wish it was winter!

  19. Here it’s hot too, but raining right now

  20. Currently…normal? Wow! Our weather is normal again!

  21. Yea. this is an odd mix! A mix of smoggy heat hail, and smoggy rain and extremely loud thunder!

  22. I hope you meant “Hail” instead of “Hell” Mario. I edited your post.

    Also its fine today. I think we’re having more storms tonight.

  23. I’m just glad that it was only a warning and not a real tornado. It must have been really freaky for you and your family. Thank goodness you and everyone else is a-okay. 😛

  24. Well, it was almost a Tornado. 😉 And I do believe we are still not out of the storms yet… And thank you. 🙂

  25. The weather is calming down here, so is it alright there………we had a thunder storm on Friday, but the weather’s been pretty nice the past days.

  26. Thunder-storm’s!?! Count yourself lucky. 😛

  27. I know. Here in Toronto, that’s all we pretty much get in terms of storms. Ohter than snow storms. We do get some tornado warnings though, but we never seem to get any. I don’t think there has ever been a tornado here for a very long time. I would freak out if I saw a tornado coming toward me.

  28. Who wouldn’t? Honestly, I am always scared.

  29. raptorxd Says:

    Back in school they told us to get down, and put our head between our legs. Makes us harder to pick up. Like that would stop a Tornado…

    But yeah, here in Texas we got hit by both the Hurricanes. It’s not fun.

    -Raptor, out.

  30. Thankfully the severe weather has ended. For now anyway.

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