Dandy Charm, Juan

Hello once again. Did you check my update recently? Well if you saw the words about the article yes this was the article I was going to write. My last Gym Leader related then I will move on to the Pokémon League. So just get ready to start reading!

Juan… Where do I start with him? He is the most interesting of all Gym Leader’s. Juan is the Gym Leader of the Sootopolis Gym! Well I suppose I can tell you the best way’s of beating him!

Gym Leader’s Pokémon:
Luvdisc lv. 41
Whiscash lv. 41
Sealeo lv. 43
Crawdaunt lv. 43
Kingdra lv. 46

Pokémon Type:

Recommended Move Type:

Well that’s it for technical information, but personal opinion can always help as well. Besides the basics, its always good to hear what I have to say. Personally when your facing Juan, you should have your Pokémon at least at level 50 or higher. Because do not underestimate his Pokémon, they are extremely powerful. I suggest you use the “Yellow Flute” and “Red Flute” against his Pokémon because they use nasty status element’s such as Confusion, and Attraction. And if you don’t have the “Yellow Flute” or “Red Flute”, I suggest back tracking (which would be easy because you already have the Hidden Machine (HM) Fly) until you reach Fallarbor Town. Then continue walking east of the town until you find a house. The man inside will gladly give you the “Soot Sack”, therefore allowing you to collect “Ash’s” on the ground to then make the Ash’s into a Glass Flute. But I warn you, you’ll encounter many Pokémon when you are looking for Ash’s, so its best to buy some “Super Repel’s” or “Max Repel’s”. So you’ll need to collect quite allot of Ash’s in order to get either the “Yellow Flute” or the “Red Flute”.

Okay. On to the storyline shall we? This should be very long as well because of all the detail. Anyway get ready once again.
 Gym Leader Juan

Juan moved into Sootopolis City because he had a job to do. He was a mentor to the
Pokémon League Champion, Wallace. Juan trained with Wallace for many hard weeks. He kept training and training until Wallace finally surpassed him. Juan and Wallace both have Water Pokémon, but finally Juan the mentor taught Wallace to be good enough. Continuing to Wallace’s story, he challenged the Pokémon League and became the Champion. Back to Juan’s story, when you challenge him in Emerald he say’s words of how Wallace was very well trained, and how he would show you his style of training with Pokémon. But before you can even challenge him, Groudon and Kyogre appear! And and all of a sudden, intense Drought cased by Groudon appears, on the other hand intense Rainfall appear. (These were the doings of Maxie & Archie, the Team Magma and Team Aqua leader’s.) They watch there standing by the Gym, trying to attempt to make them stop fighting. But there words seem to be no use! Then Steven appears and wishs of you to see Wallace. Because Steven thinks that Wallace may be able to help…find the Legendary Pokémon in the sky. You go into a cave leading down to Wallace, he tells you a number of questions where that Pokémon might be. If you answer correctly about 1 of the questions; “Sky Pillar”, then he runs out of the cave telling you to follow him. But he ran way to fast and you had to find Sky Pillar on your on. You search the seas while battling many Pokémon Trainer’s, and you find the Sky Pillar. You walk inside you then see Wallace. He apologizes for not waiting. But the weather starts to get worse! Earthquakes begin! He asks you to look in the Sky Pillar because he worries about Sootopolis City! You go inside after many floor’s and find the Legendary Pokémon, Rayquaza. You walk up to Rayquaza and he fly’s away so where. Knowing you you would check Sootopolis City. When you go there a light comes down from the sky. It is none other then Rayquaza flying down! He uses a powerful blast to calm down Groudon and Kyogre. Groudon and Kyogre go back to they’re original places. and Rayquaza fly’s back to the Sky Pillar. At last, Sootopolis City can be safe. Then after the storm Gym Leader Juan lets you enter his Gym. When you beat him he then gives you the Rain Drop Badge.Also, the storyline changes if your playing Ruby Or Sapphire but, you’ll have to find that out on your own.  Well I hope you enjoyed this article.

– Shadow Luigi

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  1. interesting story. is he one of the last ones?

  2. Yes, Juan is the 8th Gym Leader before the Pokemon League. =D It was pretty odd that Sootopolis was affected by Rayquaza/Groudon/Kyogre, since it’s an underground city.

  3. I find him quite interesting. And yes Mario, I do find that strange, but they probably warped there. Its only natural for Legendary Pokémon you know?

  4. good article, very informative.

  5. Thanks. =) Also Saint, I’ll be posting that article in about a week. 🙂 Sorry but this article took to long to make.

  6. So should I wait to post an article?

  7. Yeah its best too.

  8. I didn’t even realize that emeral’s story line is different from Ruby. I wish I realized that I could have used the yellow and red flute, it would have made my battle with him so much easier. And your right, I can with level 48’s and 49’s and I got destroyed, his style is different, but fun to battle against.

  9. Its nice to know I could help out. I like to be very informative.

  10. Its good that you are very informative, it helps out a lot with the games.

  11. I think I’ll post an article tommorow. A special one.

  12. That sounds cool.

  13. Just wait about 16:00 hours or less.

  14. Its posted. I would go and see.

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