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Hello! I have good news! First I’d like to announce that as soon as I deleted my last article the Widgets went back to normal. =P I guess I would be needing WordPress now! And secondly for good news is…

The Hoenn Region Official Art is almost complete! Normally I wouldn’t write an article about these but this is sort of an update. I mean I have been working on that for quite some time now and am finally getting to the end! There are only about 40 or less images to upload! And that should indeed be done soon. As for the Widget Sidebar, it was really strange, last night Saint told me if I were to delete that Fire Emblem article. So I did today and all of a sudden they appeared again! So that was pretty nice. There must have been a tag somewhere in the writing. (Then again I didn’t look at the writing, I just pasted it 😛 .) I have been wondering lately, why do all these things go to me? I suffer many Arrow’s, Bullet’s & Knife’s. But I do believe so today I “Dodged a Bullet on that one”.

On a similar note, WordPress was screwed up to begin with! I checked they’re Dashboards and the text was everywhere. So apparently WordPress has been having many difficulty’s. WordPress is certainly not perfect. Its no the first time they trashed my blog. But what’s in the past is in the past. I’ll never forget it.

– Shadow Luigi

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  1. Good thing that the side bar is working again, that would have been a major let down. I would have freaked if that happened to me. 😀

  2. Yeah, I’m glad it went back to normal. Also, I’m almost done with the Hoenn Region Official Art.

  3. I liked WordPress back when First started my site. Everything in the Admin Dashboard was manageable -.-

  4. well glad it worked. my guess is that the codes got doubled and one ending got canceled out, because it works fine on FE Blog. anyways good luck with the official art.

  5. @ Mario:

    Yeah, back when things wern’t ohh…Easier to screw up? =P

    @ Saint:

    Thanks, but I finished it already. *Applause*

  6. That’s good news. 😀 You’ve done a lot of work looking for almost all Pokémon.

  7. Yeah, all that’s left is the Sinnoh Region. Which I am not very fond of.

  8. Trust me, that game isn’t good. It never had good replay falue.

  9. Ah, I see. I’m really sad when I beat a game, and there’s no replay value, or even collections. (Not including Pokemon as in collecting them all 😉 )

  10. I’m never sad. In fact, I’m happy to have won a game. And boy has Twilight Princess kept me busy. I only have 2 more Poe’s to collect.

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