Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Review

Hello visitor’s, fan’s a member’s of Pokémon! This article is related to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl as the title clearly state’s.

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl are much different then the older game’s. And I will state all the facts and game play this game has to offer! Pokémon Diamond/Pearl is a great game and you can take it anywhere to play. Plus with the Nintendo Wi-Fi you can link it so you can battle with your Pokémon against a friend. Or possibly link it online to play! Pokémon Diamond/Pearl (since we are on the subject of Wi-Fi) has a place in a town called “Global Trade Station” which lets you register your State, and Location so others may be able to type in your profile and link you online! Plus, I do believe once you register there you will be able to enter special battles online to play! This does interest me, unless of course you don’t have the necessary equipment to link with Wi-Fi. Of course there’s also the issue of you not having a friend to link with. (Such as I had to deal with)…

Now, I think I want to start talking about the plot! Pokémon Diamond/Pearl starts like any other Pokémon game. But it starts with you watching Television hearing reports of a rare red Gyarados (which is actually a shiny version of him) in Lake Verity and walking down stairs because it was your 10th birthday; The day when you first become a Pokémon Trainer. Your Mom asks if you are ready to go but unfortunately, a very eager friend of yours wishes of you to leave as quick as possible. He tells you if you don’t get to Lake Verity in time he’ll give you an Million Dollar fine! Well as rough headed as him already rushing off to the Lake. When you finally get there, there appears to be nothing there. But all that’s there is a brief case! You open it and there are 3 Pokéball’s. “No reason to use them. Let’s just walk away” your friend said. But as he said those words, look out! Wild Starly have flew in! “I guess there’s no choice then, lets use these Pokémon!”. Then you choose through a selection of Pokémon: Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup! You choose yours a battle your first battle and finally defeat the Wild Starly. As your friend brags about how “My Pokémon was so much better.” he doesn’t even notice he’s keeping someone else’s Pokémon. As you step out of Lake Verity, a strange old man and girl/boy (depends which gender you select) ask of you to return they’re Pokémon. Little did you know the same old man and girl/boy were at Lake Verity before you were. Perhaps they saw the Gyrados and you were too late? You continue to Sandgem Town and enter the old man’s office. He then speaks to you saying how you were very fond of that Pokémon, as your Pokémon is to you. And he eventually lets you keep your Pokémon under one condition; “I trust you to fill this “Pokédex” with images of Pokémon you have saw all across the Sinnoh Region” Professor Rowen. You gladly accept the generous Professor’s offer and go out to the world. You battle many Gym Leader’s to collect badges like any other Pokémon game. And eventually, the Pokémon League.

As you pass up Routes and Town’s, “Team Galactic” plots evil all around. Team Galactic always gets in your way. They threaten innocent’s, they break into buildings and business’s. As you go through the game you will fight many Team Galactic Grunt’s and General’s. Plus the boss of Team Galactic. Team Galactic treat Pokémon as common tool’s. They steal any Pokémon with pure ease. That’s up to you to stop them and everything they may do!

Now last but most certainly not least, Game play!

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl has Game play like any other Pokémon games. But it does however have more Item’s, Pokémon, Location’s, everything you would expect from a new game. Better Graphic’s, and more. Although the Action Replay isn’t all that great. I personally think this game should be won, and not played again on Action Replay.

Price (American Currency): 39.99$ or 29.99$

This game’s rating: 6/10

~Shadow Luigi

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  1. good article.. btw action replay is a term used for hacking.. just so you know. its replay value your talking about

  2. Yes, ‘Action Replay’ is the eqivalent of ‘Game Shark’; both are hacking devices.

    Excellent review!
    I couldn’t agree more!

  3. Good article. You always explain the beginning in detail.

  4. I only got the idea of “Action Replay” from a former member of ours, “Poke King”. He mentioned something about that. So I figured that was the Replay Value.

    Thank you Mercenary of Light and Mario64mario. 🙂

    Also, I have almost won Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer’s of Time. When I do win it however. I won’t be writing articles about it right away. I will make sure I know everything there is to write about. That’s why I’ll be looking on Gamefac’s for a Text Dump. So I don’t forget crucial words to write about. This game is most certainly not going to be taken for granted. I will make sure I get into every detail because I myself am interested in it to its full extent.

  5. Rickety Old Nerd Says:

    uh lalalalalala coooool article *slips on a banana peel* whaaaaaaaaaaa!

    MT: seeing if this logged out thing works

  6. Well I’m glad it works. Now members who can’t sign in WordPress can feel free to state they’re opinion. And funny Matthew Thief. I enjoyed seeing the Rickety Old Nerd slip. 😆

  7. Yes, I too enjoy searching through games to see if I can unlock all it has to offer =D

  8. I’ll make sure the next amount of article’s will be written better. And as for the “Member’s not needing to log in”, I’ll give it a week or so and see my results.

  9. good article. which game do you like the most?

    I find it interesting how optimistic your friend is. I mean, no matter which pokemon he gets, hes always happy with it 😛 . too bad I hated him -_- ……

  10. Me? Pokémon Emerald of course.

    Yeah, he made the game so annoying. -___-

  11. the pokemon dimand and pearl it,s great

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