Update June 27

Hello everyone. Time for another monthly update.

I created the page “Pokémon Emerald Pokédex” and it is being worked on. Because the recent poll wanted it to be posted. Not 1 single poster said “Role-Playing”. The page is not big yet but I’m working on it slowly. Nomally any Pokémon site you may see would already have every Pokédex listed. But I’m not perfect. No one can be honestly perfect or upload it all in one day. Because 200 + 2 Pokémon to tell data about would be quite time consuming. I’m talking about weeks of work. But nevertheless, it will be done soon enough.

Also, I am hoping to start posting more on my blog. And I mean 700 some word articles. Plus I am a few steps away from winning Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorer’s of Time. And I’ll be getting to that as well. And in the future of Pokémon Gamer’s Blog we will be having Contests as well! Drawing, Quiz’s, et cetera? I am hoping Pokémon Gamer’s Blog will get more popular in the next couple of months. And as soon as I get more popular I’ll puplish the Role-Playing that I had been talking about. I also hope to add more Diamond and Pearl content this year.

Oh, and we got 4 new Affilate’s this month! Here they are!
 A Luigi Fan site.
 A friendly Nintendo site.
 A Nintendo related site.
 A Pokémon fan site with other Animé’s based around it.

Check them out! They are pretty good sites. I’m also thinking of hosting with a site called “Zelda Dungeon’s”. I have not been to there yet but I will soon check it out. As for any other affiliate’s I’m sure I will get some more soon. Also, I have great news! I made the “Box” Widget on my blog! In other words, you can know listen to music from Pokémon Emerald! Well actually, its also “Sapphire” and “Ruby” but they are all the same. I’ll be adding more everyday till I see fit. Well that’s all for this monthly update. I hope you enjoyed this (and I hope I didn’t forget anything ^_^’).

~Shadow Luigi

23 Responses to “Update June 27”

  1. cool.. sounds good ^^

  2. Quite a few things that are being worked on. I hope I finish them soon.

  3. Eh, :huh: do you know some Html, SL? ZD isn’t as easy as WP.

  4. I like the contests.

    SL, I need refuge from Jakesimon. Could i use your blog? I know a lot about pokemon.

  5. @ MoL:
    No, actually, a Affiliate of mine suggested it.
    @ Triforce:
    Sure, you may also post here as often as you wish.

  6. so, uh, when do i start cuz lol ur blog isnt on my list

  7. What do you mean “Where do I start”? Can’t you just post?

  8. i’m not sure you understand what i’m saying. i ment like a writer for your blog, but if no, that’s ok.

  9. No I understand. I could sign you up as a Contributor if that’s okay with you.

  10. wait, contributor is like author, right?

  11. Yeah, but you can’t post the articles till I decide if its okay. 🙂 Simple.

  12. sounds good.

    what kind of drawing contest? I mean what would be the scope of what we can draw?

  13. yeah rly sl. i can kind of only draw like on the pc.

  14. @ Saint:

    Well Pokémon pictures. It could be something related to Pokémon though. Like a person from a completely different Animé/Game with a Pokémon by it. Like that.

    @ Triforce:

    Does that matter? Its still “art”.

  15. hmm…sounds good. i’ll enter.

  16. Great. But this isn’t the contest entry post yet. 😆 When I post it you will already be entered. =)

  17. duh…I know that. juuuuuust sayin’ .

  18. Well the next contest should be posted 1 post from now.

  19. alright i’ll look for it.

  20. Okay good. =)

    I’ll be posting a article again tomorrow. Not sure yet but I do have something in mind.

  21. Dragon Crash Says:

    I like contests on blogs, it gets the blood pumping (so to speak). I think that its really good for any type of blog, so I can’t wait ’till it starts. 😛

  22. Why, next post a contest will be posted.

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