Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer’s of Time/Darkness; Chapter I: The Beginning

Hello! I felt like I have not been updating much so I’m going to start writing “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer’s of Time/Darkness” articles in parts; this is part I.

NOTE: Just to assure you, this story will follow in the process of how my game started. The main character is Torchic and his partner is Totidile. The Pokémon that you have choices of coming are the following: Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko, Turtwig, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, Pikachu, Meowth, Skitty, Munchlax.

The Hero & Partner is determined by a personality quiz; When you first enter this world, you must answer a quiz consisting of several questions. How you reply to these questions determines the kind of Pokémon that you will be as the hero. Because the hero Pokémon is your alter ego, you should be honest with yourself when taking the quiz. Also, the colors of the windows will be different for male and female characters.

The game starts off on a stormy night, there’s a lightning bolt that struck’s from way up high. Word’s saying from somebody to you, “Hang in there! Just a little more… GARGH!!!” You wake up on a beach. Lone, no one there to notice. Your unconscious, alone… Meanwhile… In another distance a Pokémon wants to enter a certain area. Everyday he tried to enter, but got to scared and ran away. He came back this it with his “Relic Fragment”, he thought that it would give him courage. But unfortunately, the area he wanted to go, a voice called, “Pokémon detected, Pokémon detected!” Right then the Pokémon fled. But it appears he wasn’t alone. As soon as he left, 2 Pokémon were watching, saying, “Heh-heh, that “Relic Fragment” probably sells for allot of money!” The other Pokémon reply’s saying, “Buh-huh-ha, yup, that gives me a idea… We ‘ought ta snatch it from that guy!” The other Pokémon then reply’s saying, “Yeah he’s to much of a wimp to stop us!” Then to the Beach that Pokémon. He was speaking to himself, “Aww…I still couldn’t do it. I’ll never be brave enough to find out what that is… Not even my Relic Fragment helped me…but this place always makes me happy. When the Krabby all use Bubble Beam here, it sparkle’s in the sunset…. ? What’s this”? The Pokémon runs over and sees the unconscious Pokémon. He then yells, “What!? How did this happen?! Hey, are you OK?” The Pokémon responds and shacks it head yes. The other Pokémon then lets out a sigh of relief. But what’s this? The other Pokémon appears to not know what happened! “What? What’s this Totidile doing here? What…what am I doing here?” He say’s. Then the Pokémon looks in the water and sees a reflection of itself. He then say’s, “What~~!? I…I’m a Pokémon? Th-this isn’t right!” You then explain to Totodile what’s going on and about the situation. He responds, “Hmm….Huh!? You actually a Human? But you don’t know how you got turned into a Pokémon!? Are you sure your telling the truth?” Then Torchic replies saying that he is a human. Then all of a sudden! *Crash* Totodile and Torchic lay on the ground wounded. Then the 2 Pokémon from before appear! Koffing and Zubat! “‘Scuse me, I’ll be taking that if you don’t mind!” Koffing say’s. He then snatch’s Totodile’s Relic Fragment! Totodile responds, “Hey~! That’s mine! Give that back you…bully!” Zabat reply’s saying, “Heh-heh, what are you gonna do about it? Spineless wimp!” They then run into a cave. Totodile asks you to help him. You say yes back and run to save his Relic Fragment!

This cave, is where the real game begins! You’ll enter a cave near where Torchic was washed up on the beach, then team up with Totodile to regain the Relic Fragment from Koffing and Zubat! There are many Pokémon in here. But since its the first ever dungeon, they should be no problem.

•Anorith LV: 2
•Lileep LV: 2
•Corsola LV: 2

After you proceed into several staircases, there they are, Koffing and Zubat. You encounter them in battle, they aren’t all that easy, just use your already learned moves and you should be done with them quickly. After they are defeated the flee. Dropping the Relic Fragment. Totodile picks it up, and then then travel back to the beach.

Totodile thanks you and asks you of a favor. “Um…Torchic? I was wondering, the way you got back my Relic Fragment, I would have never been able to do it on my own. I was wondering, do you want…to join a “Exploration Team?” Torchic thinks to itself, “Hmm…should I help Totodile? He isn’t such a bad Pokémon. And I really have no where else to go… ……………. …………” Torchic reply’s to Totodile saying it wants to join. Totodile is glad and returns to the place he dreamt of entering. You then stand on a hole with sticks over it. You hear the familiar voice, “Pokémon detected, Pokémon detected. Who’s footprints?” You get a view who is down there and sure enough, its Diglett! Then he says again, “Who’s footprints…….uhh….” Then another voice calls, “DIGLETT? WHO’S IS IT?” Sure enough, as loud as can be, Loudred. Diglett reply’s, “Uhmm….footprints are unidentified”. Loudred reply’s, “Whaddya mean NO FOOTPRINTS?!?” Diglett reply’s, “I think it is Torchic yeah Torchic. (Err…I hope)” Loudred reply’s, “Well let ’em in!” Totodile thinks to himself, “Wow, with Torchic by my side, I might be able to face this after all!” Totodile then steps on the hole with sticks over it, “Pokémon detected, Pokémon detected!” Loudred reply’s, “Who is it NOW!?” Diglett say’s, “Totodile, the footprints are Totodile!” Then they both let you in…into… Wigglytuff’s Guild!

You walk in, Totodile say’s, “Wow! What a great place to start Exploration training!” A servant of the guild comes to you, it is Chatot. Chatot say’s to you, “The Guild master is waiting to see you. Please follow me good sirs!” You follow him to the Guild master’s room and sure enough. The Guild master is Wigglytuff! “Loom-tah! Welcome to my guild friends! In order to start a Exploration team you must first pick a name!” The default name is called, “Team Poképal’s”! Then you are toured to the town of the guild, called “Treasure Town”! There are many festivities and fun waited to be made in that town!

Then finally, after you are all settled in. You take a good night sleep. And in the morning what’s next to come? Well, that’s what Chapter II is for silly. 😉

~Shadow Luigi


22 Responses to “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer’s of Time/Darkness; Chapter I: The Beginning”

  1. It sounds interesting! I’ve only played the first game in the series, and at that it was the GBA version. I’m sure the touch screen really makes gameplay easier.

  2. Actually no, Nintendo DS didn’t stereo-type this game. You hardly use the touch-stick for anything.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i want to be a torchic or a cyndaquil but its hard with the questions to become one

    any advice?

    ps im a girl

  4. Well, what I did is answered different question’s and if I wasn’t the Pokémon I wanted to be, I restarted it and tried it again. Mix your answers till you get it right. I suggest trying to be the “Hardy” type. If not then just keep trying.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i tried it already 7 times, always water and green type, i have explorer of time version does it matter?

  6. No it doesn’t matter. I have that version too. I didn’t exactly study the quiz system. I am sorry if my help is inaccurate but how about trying to answer more “I’m On My Own” type of questions?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ill try but there’s also alien question and eating questions, i almost every time get a blue aura, not funny, also fortune teller question

  8. Anonymous Says:

    i give up for today i always become a water type such as a squirtle, sometimes totodile and mudkip but never a fire type

  9. Excuse me, if you wish to continue this could you please go to https://pokemongamersblog.wordpress.com/pokemon-request-area/.

  10. Dragon Crash Says:

    I loved this game (and the first version (Red/Blue Rescue team)). But everytime I took the quiz, I was a pickachu. Weird, I know, but I think that he/she (depending on your gender) is good for the game (but that’s just me).

  11. I’m actually started to think that it depends on gender. But I don’t think the game would be designed like that. I’ll have to look into it.

  12. I think the answers send a different message to the game pertaining to gender. So yes, if one answer is the same for both genders, they will have different results.

  13. saint of swords Says:

    good article.

    its a shame the makers dont take the time to give the charcters less cliche lines. othwer then that it sounds like a giood game.

    (note: bad spelling is due to bad hand….simple, no?)

  14. @ Mario64mario:

    It would make allot more sense depending on the genders. I wish I would have thoguht of that.

    @ Saint of Swords:

    Well yeah, if you get right down to it, Pokémon is cliche but not all of it is. And hope you get better on that.

  15. @ SL – yes, that’s my theory anyways.

    @SoS – yes, that’s why the game was released so fast 😉
    (Note: I have stitches in my mouth (4 wisdom teeth out), and it’s better to have messed up spelling than for your stitches to break. Don’t stretch your hand that much. ^__^’

  16. sounds interesting besides the weird catchphrases XD

    do your team mates travel seperate from you (kinda like in SCIIIs cronicles) or like FF style?

  17. Actually, your partner travels behind you. You don’t go into any special battle scene, you just press “Attack” from the menu.

  18. The games just fits together so well. I will not say more because not everyone has played the game, but it is really fun to play the the action and supension is really interesting. 😀

  19. i want to be a piplup 🙂
    He is cool (H)

  20. @ Tim:

    Don’t worry, keep taking the quiz and you’ll be Piplup sooner then you know it. 🙂

    @ The post:

    Tommorow I will post Pokémon Gamer’s Blog’s first ever contest! So stay tuned.

  21. o god i reli wanna be a piplup!someone,plz help!

  22. Here will solve the answers to all of your problems.

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