Hello visitors. This week I will be taking a short vacation from content adding…

Its Summer now, and I have allot of things to catch up on. I still have to do school (regardless if its Summer Vacation or not), I wish to start posting on other blogs besides my own, I’m going to be busy in my real life, etc. So I shall take a short week off. But I assure you, when I get back, I’ll be working like crazy. I just desire a little time off. A time that doesn’t conclude with only work and stress. So with that, I’m off for awhile. Pokémon Gamer’s Blog has officially taken its first vacation! Well that’s it for the time being. I shall see you all in a week.

~Shadow Luigi


5 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. DaKing9 Says:

    Busy in Real Life!? Madness! Anyway, hope you have a good week while you’re gone… Which I guess means that I won’t have to post every day, then, does it? =P

  2. No, I never said you had to post all the time. (Giving me a bad reputation lol) I simply asked if you could post here daily. So yeah, actually, your right. All I’ve said turned out actually to be random mumbo-jumbo. 😆 Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy your stay Daking.

  3. triforce624 Says:

    Don’t be rude and/or go off topic.

  4. triforce624 Says:

    Don’t act like a kid. I banned you.

  5. Now, besides these minor incidences that keep sneaking their way in, I guess I really can’t take a vacation. This sort of thing always stabs me in the back. I say I’m going to take a vacation, yet every time I say that I always end up doing more work then usual. Pity.

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