Future Release: Pokémon Platinum

*Spits coffee out of his mouth* Wh-whoa! A new release! I guess I’ll have to pack up the Beach supplies because there’s a new Pokémon game that will soon be released in Japan! Pokémon Platinum was announced a few days ago on “E3”. But now this game will soon be released in Japan! The release date in Japan currently is September 13th 2008! It appears Nintendo finally got to working on a new Pokémon game! How joyous it is for me to hear it! As for more information click more.

It appears this game with be based around some of the past games, “Pokémon Diamond” and “Pokémon Pearl”. And as you might have guessed, Team Galactic is at it again! They come as for the 3 Commanders; Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. And of course Cirus is in the game once again as well. And Diagla and Palka are also in it, but I do believe they aren’t the main legendary. Can you possibly guess who that legendary may be? Why its none other then Giratina!

Well, that’s all the information I have currently, except here’s the official logo for Japan!

~Shadow Luigi


9 Responses to “Future Release: Pokémon Platinum”

  1. That’s good news. Giratina looks like an awesome Pokémon.

  2. He is. I’m saving my Master Ball for him in Diamond.

  3. Sorry that I have been gone for a while, but I’m back. Anyway, Giratina looks very cool, I never really caught him (beat him) so I never really got to throw my pokeball, but I did get one from my friend and he is very cool, and the moves are awsome as well. 😀

  4. So. You got most of your Pokémon from your friends? You didn’t bother catching them?

  5. No, Giratina is one of the few pokemon that I needed to get from my friends. I only got pokemon from my friends if I was un-able to catch a pokemon. Dialga, for example, you need to have Diamond, and I only have Pearl. It is not possible to get Dialga in Pearl (as you know) so I got that from my friend. Pokemon like Ralts, Abra, and Mudkip, I don’t need to get from my friends. Yes, those pokemon are common, but it is a general idea.

  6. I suppose I see your point. I’m only missing 1 Pokémon in my belt, and the reason why you might ask~? Is for 1 reason; I am unsure which one I should catch. The only possible solution I can comprehend would have to be which ever one comes first. Simple…no?

  7. Yes, it is quite simple, but it is what you want really, so it could be the first one, or the one you want more.

  8. pokelegend3305 Says:

    hey!!! when is the USA getting the new Pokemon game Platinum? I want to have it already!!!!

  9. It will soon be released. All I know is it is getting released in Japan at September 13th 2008. So obviously after a few more mouths it will be released to the U.S..

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