Update: Members Need WordPress Account To Post

Since we had a series of mentally difficiant spammers comming to stress the fact that they have no life or comon sence, we switched the settings so that you MUST HAVE A WORDPRESS.COM ACCOUNT. Now if someone wants to spam they have to get an account, and then we can get them busted for posting indecent crap 🙂 .

SL will have a new article up shortly, look for it.


One Response to “Update: Members Need WordPress Account To Post”

  1. The nerve of such imbeciles. This was why I never wanted to have the “You don’t have to log in to post” setting. As for I saw on your blog Saint the idiot spammer’s on it. Now, if our members actually have brains, then that’s all that matters. Anyone else who has smart remarks such as one of our members; Triforce will be a good example. That is all.

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