New Release: Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Another new release! Saint of Swords send me this information. Read more

Become a Pokémon Ranger and protect nature, rescue people and help Pokémon in need.

• Pokémon Ranger is a unique action-adventure series that features a fun, different way to capture Pokémon with the Nintendo DS stylus, which controls an item called the Capture Styler in the game. Players circle the Pokémon they want to catch by drawing circles around them on the touch screen. When you complete certain Quests, the Ranger Union awards you with power-ups, which add new upgrades and functions to your Capture Styler, allowing you to advance as you work to eventually become a Top Ranger (the most revered Ranger of all).

• Now you can partner with a variety of different Pokémon of each type to complete Missions—giving you many options on how to approach different challenges. Every Pokémon is different, and capturing a Pokémon allows you to use its abilities to overcome various obstacles and challenges you will face along the way. The job of a Pokémon Ranger is never done: your duties will include fighting wildfires, rescuing people or even delivering an important package.

• Your journey to become a Top Ranger takes you to the new region of Almia. This game has a larger world, more Missions, more adventure and more to do than the previous Pokémon Ranger game. It has a storyline full of adventure and the ability to travel to and explore many exciting new areas in Almia, including oceans, forests, deserts and more with the help of your Partner Pokémon.

• This is the first game in the Pokémon Ranger series to feature Pokémon from Pokémon® Diamond and Pokémon® Pearl.”

Well that’s the scoop for today. Can’t wait for these to come out!

~Shadow Luigi


16 Responses to “New Release: Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia”

  1. triforce624 Says:

    I don’t like the Pokemon ranger series.

  2. Actually, I never played the series before. So I can’t say if I’m gonna like this one or not.

  3. triforce624 Says:

    WEll, ur a bigger pokemon fan than I. you’ll probably like it.

  4. I’d think it’d get a bit boring after a while. The price of the first one dropped to 20 dollars within 6 months. But I guess if you’re a die-hard fan, this is a must have 😉

  5. Yeah, I’ll be getting it don’t you worry. That and Pokémon Platinum.

  6. I haven’t played the Pokémon Ranger series, but it sounds like a good game.

  7. I saw advertisements of the series and it looked fun. But I never had the chance to buy it.

  8. it sounds pretty creative…if every game had the same style it would get really borring me thinks.

  9. I think so too. Though there are series like Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and Emerald for example. They all follow the same role; defeat all the Gym Leader’s and prevail over the Pokémon League. But the newer games of course are never quite the same.

  10. Both are true, SL and SoS, but I think that Pokemon Ranger just might need a little something extra, like yes, Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Emerald, etc. had the same topic and goal, but it always had new challenges and new pokemon even. Ranger sounds fun and all, and I have not played Ranger, but like everyone says, it dose sounds boring after a while. But thats just me.

  11. That’s true. I believe you. There is always something different. But they always have the same concept. Not the same plot. It’s how a game is made. If every game was the same who would buy them? Its common sense. Nevertheless though, that Pokémon game sounds fun. I saw advertisements of people playing the game how you use the stylus to capture Pokémon; to use them to gain passages and/or help people using their ability’s. Plus I’m sure the Nintendo Wi-Fi will be upgraded. The trading system is bound to come back. But there will be only one flaw: I DON’T KNOW IF ABSOL IS IN THERE YET! XD

  12. Absol in the new Pokemon Ranger would be very cool. Absol just seems like one of the pokemon that could help you out on your quest. But I have one question, can you have more than one pokemon at a time? 😕

  13. I don’t believe so—correct me if I’m wrong but I think you simply capture any wild Pokémon and use their ability’s to get through passage’s and such. Kind of like Hidden Machine’s.

  14. Oh, I get it now. I thought that you had one pokemon (like a starter type thing) so it stays with you, then you can caught other pokemon. For example, ekans would say with me for the game, and you would caught other pokemon for help. But I geusse having any one pokemon at anytime is cool as well.

  15. Yeah, correct. You kind of release them in a certain area, and when you come back you could just catch it again. I’m not entirely sure about this, I know very little about the series. But all I know is you use one of your Pokémon to add to your stylus; and then you spin around the stylus around a Wild Pokémon in order to capture them and use them. Let us just say, you have a Duskull caught, and your going against a Abra. If you add Duskull to your stylus thing Abra will be twice as easy to catch as it was before. Sounds fun, but sounds hard and difficult at the same view point.

  16. i like the pokemon ranger series, so i hope this is also a good game!!

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