Pokémon Art Contest (Sign up to enter!)

Hello everybody! This is the first contest Pokémon Gamer’s Blog will have posted! This is a contest you don’t want to miss! Got a pencil? A scanner? A piece of paper? Drawing skill? Or even computerize it and you’ll instantly be competing! I myself will not be able to enter though. I will be running it after all and I wish to see what everyone else has in mind. This contest will take place on August 17th 2008. This is simply a registration post. Read more for details and rules.

Pokémon Art Contest’s Rule’s:

•The picture you submit as you will know has to be drawn or computer drawn. Because as you know I won’t take any random Official Art and except that as a contest submission.


•The picture you draw MUST be relative to Pokémon. You may draw other un relative things but it must have the concept and be based around Pokémon as this blog is based around.

•There must be nothing indecent and/or uncalled for on the pictures you submit. You will therefore be disqualified if you do so.

•No flaming others art or bragging about your own. Please be a civil person and mind your manners.

•When you have your submission ready E-mail me at pokemastermj@aol.com and you’ll be entered.

•Follow these rules and steps and you should be in the clear.

~Shadow Luigi


22 Responses to “Pokémon Art Contest (Sign up to enter!)”

  1. how long do we have to enter?

  2. EDIT: Your maximum time to enter is exactly August 17th 2008. After that moment of time it will be to late to enter. But that is plenty of time for members to join in.

  3. I’ll join. I’m just going to finish two important drawings today, so getting those out of the way will give me loads of time for this.

  4. I want to join, but I have to see my Summer Plan. Like I will not be hear August 17 and another two weeks after that. I will have to see and I will let you know soon. But right now, I am joining in on this. I will tell you if I am unable to join. Sorry for the confusion. 😛

  5. ill enter. I have a good picture in mind 🙂 .

  6. @ Dragon Crash:

    If your joining in you must have a picture up-and-ready before August 17th. Okay?

    @ Mario64mario and Saint of Swords:

    I look forward to it.

    @ Matthew Thief:

    Are you joining in?

  7. What are the total number of entries? I may enter two.

  8. Okay SL, I understand that, I just wanted you to know now so there is no confusion later. 😀

  9. pikachuboy Says:

    Hi everyone! I’m new.

    I think I’ll join the contest too!

  10. @ Mario:

    The number of entries? 4 so far.

    @ Dragon Crash & Matthew Thief:

    Okay, that is good to hear! I hope your drawings are good!

    @ Pikachu boy:

    Welcome! Sorry I might have gave you a late welcome, but to block spam I have everyone start off “Awaiting Moderation”. Welcome aboard really enjoy yourself here and have fun!

  11. @ SL – Understood.
    @ PikachuBoy – Welcome!! =D

  12. That makes 5 entries Mario 😉 .

  13. I guess it does. XD

  14. I knew this contest was going to be sucessful. Nevermind that, I knew it was gonna be fun!

  15. Pure success! =D

  16. I usually need to just be patient. The longer it is open; the more contestants will join. If I usually keep the posts open for about 5-7 day’s, they usually get pretty popular.

  17. Yup. I’m sure more members will surface eventually.

  18. Wow, a lot of people are joining, its going to be fun to see who win’s. 😀

  19. Aren’t you participating too Dragon Crash? I didn’t quite catch what you meant before.

  20. Ouh id love to enter, sign me up! c:

  21. Welcome Sabstar! You may join the contest just so long as you send me your picture before August 17th. Okay?

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