Nintendo DS Giratina Version?

Yeah you know it. Pokémon Platinum hasn’t even been released in Japan yet but they made Nintendo DS Lite with a Giratina version! Here’s the image below:

Looks cool doesn’t it? To bad its about 300 some dollar’s including tax and shipping. I also found this writing on the site I went to:

“Well it’s that time again folks! time to upgrade your DS Lite Systems that is! Just Recently Announced in Japan, Pokemon Center will be commemorating the release of Pokemon Platinum and the new Summer 2008 Movie with this very Exclusive Giratina High-Gloss White Nintendo DS Lite. If you remember the Diamond/Pearl version with Dialga and Palkia, this new Giratina Edition will have that gorgeous character etching like the black version.

As far as being limited, of course Pokemon Center in Japan knows how to market these hot babies! Only members of the Pokemon “Dai Suki Club” with residing address’ in Japan will even have a chance to win one of these, so if you don’t live in Japan and have an actual address there’s no chance one could even try to acquire them. They will not be sold in stores, not even Pokemon Centers!

For those of you worried about voltage concerns, of course the best alternative would be to use a voltage converter to be safe. We have many customers that plug their AC Adapters into the wall socket with no problem, however we cannot guarantee the safety and compatibility (proceed at own risk). Finally, Japanese DS Lite Systems can play American games in their own language (as well vice-versa), there is also the option to change the screen settings language to English.

Like any other Limited Edition quantities available are Extremely Limited so don’t wait to Pre-Order your’s today!!! These will be in massive demand and only a few will get them!”
I can’t wait for the Black version! I needed a new Nintendo DS. All I need is a short, 300 dollar’s. =P


~Shadow Luigi

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16 Responses to “Nintendo DS Giratina Version?”

  1. looks cool.. but i like my plain white one :}

  2. My Nintendo DS isn’t even DS Lite–rather its the first DS that ever came out. Make’s me feel older when I have it. (Since on television they DON’T sponser that one anymore once so ever)…

  3. I like my white one, but I wouldnt mind having a black one. i’ll wait untill my current one loses its sound or the buttons stop working (already happening to some extent). but yeah, it does look cool…to bad they dont do that more often.

  4. Yeah, but the more there would be; the more expensive.

  5. i meant like more different types. like of all the legendarys or something.

  6. Ah–my mistake. Yet they would probably leave Absol in the shadows—forever…

  7. Wow, I never thought that they would put a certain pokemon on a DS Lite, the game must really be popular.

  8. Yeah, I was surprised. Though I do not think I will be able to afford it.

  9. It’s nice to see them re-design the Polar. =D

  10. Yeah, to bad its pricey. Ohh….that Black Version is going to make me jealous!

  11. Delivers on Nintendo’s stylish and minimalistic approach whilst retaining its ‘cool’ status. I want one! XD

  12. Do you say, have about 389$? 😉

  13. I want one, but I don’t think that I would spend that much money on a DS, with a pokemon on it. Yes its cool, but money is an issue when it cost this much.

  14. I’d glady spend my money on that black version.

  15. Not, but I geusse it all depends on the person. 😀

  16. (Rather if I had the money >_>)…

    Also, as from now I am going to start Re-writing previous articles that I could have wrote much more better. Such as the “Family of Eevee’s”, “Level’s”, et cetera. It may not look like much but they will be “Remade and Re-mastered” as the title shall be. I should actually go post this information.

    (Note: Dragoncrash, there is a huge X in your avatar. I suggest you fix it or else the “Recent Post’s” Widget will have avatars of X’s.

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