Pokémon Platinum Screen Shots

I found some more screen shots for Pokémon Platinum! Here they are below: (Note: The images are very large, click more to check them)

Now this is telling me Pokémon Platinum is kind of going to be like Pokémon Emerald Version. For example, there’s Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, in order to see and/or catch all Pokémon from both games, you need both of them. Whereas in Emerald you can get both in 1 game plus some added effects. Same will go with Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. This game is going to surely be good!

~Shadow Luigi

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17 Responses to “Pokémon Platinum Screen Shots”

  1. looks interesting. did they do anything for the animation or is it the same? the male trainer looks like a duck before he throws the pokeball.

  2. Yeah they changed allot of things. And Lucas actually looks more better in this game.

  3. i agree with the duck thing XD


  4. Why does everyone think Lucas looks like a duck? XP I think he has inproved (because he’s wearing less geeky clothes).

  5. I think that it dosn’t matter how he looks but the game looks different and more fun a little bit. I should have waited for this to come out, but it’s to late now. 😦

  6. You’ll get it eventually, you probably had a better game planned to buy–whereas my specialty is Pokémon.

  7. its his upper lip. it makes him look like a duck.

  8. It does! XD

    This game should be awesome!

  9. = O ! He really does look like a duck!

    I hope it gets released in Japan soon. A.K.A., more information. 😉

  10. I’m still playing through diamond, though admittedly I’ve restarted it due to an overload of games.

  11. Its a good game. Like any game, its going to be boring in a way but later in the game when the plot starts to pick up its a pretty good game. Plus if you have any games like “Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red” or “Leaf Green” you can transfer any Pokémon in your boxes (provided you obtain the National Pokédex in Diamond. In order to get it you must see (not necessarily catch) every Pokémon in Sinnoh. Sounds hard, but its not bad if you just battle every trainer you see.)

  12. That was my problem. I’d skip by all trainers possible and missed out on rare Pokemon. -.-

  13. That is what I use to do, up till the Diamon/Pearl serise, I tried to skip every trainer I saw. Now I know that it didn’t help in the long run. For one, I missed out on a lot of experience for my pokemon. Second, I never had a chance afterwards to find those pokemon that they might have had. So I never really filled up my pokedex with with every pokemon. 😦

  14. Personally, I only completed the Sinnoh Pokédex because I wanted Pokémon from my older games to come in it. And as for Pokémon Trainer’s, I used the VS. Seeker so many times I’ve lost count. Right now I found some nice level Pokémon Trainer’s (Level 55 Pokémon) and with the VS. Seeker’s help I managed to already get my Metagross to level 92. Heck, within a few days I’ll probably already have him level 100. Then I’ll work on the rest.

  15. Getting your pokemon to lv. 100 is very hard work. And to do so, you need to battle every trainer is can find. Even the one’s in the gym leader place. I use to run away from a battle I got in to, but at the end of the game (which was hard to beat because I went through it so quickly) and my pokemon were at crummy levels rather than at lv. 65 at least.

  16. I know that. Your talking to the person who leveled their Absol up in Emerald with no extra experience points once so ever.

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