“Remade and Remastered”

The thought of this just came to mind yesterday. I thought about this awhile ago but wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. But I have decided!

Decided on what you may ask? As the title gives itself away, I will be re-writing previous posts that I have made. Because I could have wrote them allot more better plus the grammar wasn’t to my liking. Looking back, they are less then even a mere 100 words! That shows you how much thought I put into them! Hardly any! Of course though after the post I won’t make a “Remade and Re mastered” on just yet. In fact, next post will be pertaining to “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Chronicle’s”. Though they will be very hard to write because I am at the end of the game and no where near the beginning. Which I am going to feel pity on myself because I would be missing vital quotes and parts I need for it. Nevertheless, I am getting off the subject.

Not all of the posts will be redone, though I might sometimes copy and paste older articles in a new post incase people didn’t see my other ones that I may have been impressed with. I am also going to redo most of my “Gym Leader Review’s” as for they were rushed and I could never find the proper images and/or descriptions for them. Some of them may not have much plot involved so they may be a little short. But I assure you, they will be worth your while.

And on that note, the information is done. Let us also count down the time when Pokémon Gamer’s Blog’s Pokémon Art Contest will start! 15 Day’s remaining.

~ Shadow Luigi



9 Responses to ““Remade and Remastered””

  1. Wow, that seems like a lot of work. But if you can do it, I say go for it. 😀

  2. Don’t worry I’ll manage. 🙂

  3. I tried this once 🙂 . good luck.

    (that reminds me I still have to redraw my submission @_@ )

  4. Wait…you have to re-draw that? Why? It looks perfectly fine as-is.

  5. The size is off…thats all.

    Which article are you going to redo first?

  6. I am getting excited about redoing “The Family of Eevee’s” because there are about 7 of them with equal descriptions of interest. It would be quite interesting, though I think I would like to save the better ones for later. And I hope none of you mind but I am thinking of taking a break off of the “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Chronicle’s”. Honestly, why bother writing something that you feel no pleasure in right?

  7. yeah, i like eevees. will they be in seperate articleseach have a seperate article?

  8. No, they will all be in the same article. It seems more logical that way.

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